Caramel Crepe – Forks Market

I spend a fair bit of time going in and out of The Forks Market. This is in part because it is located on my trip to and from work and in part because there are so many events such as Raw:Almond that take place there. I’ve worked my way through most of the food outlets.Yet there are still a few that I haven’t visited. Caramel Crepe was one of these. Recently, though, I made a couple of stops there. So, that’s another one off the list.

Caramel Crepe Savoury

Located just across the hallway from Danny’s, and also from the Beachcomber, Caramel Crepe does what it’s name suggests. They sell crepes. A wide variety, but only crepes. The first time I went I decided I would try one of the savoury ones. I ordered, a Ham, Egg, and Cheese crepe. The best part of the crepe was that there was plenty of cheese. The ham was all right, and an egg is generally an egg. My impression of crepes is that they are typically served rolled, whereas this one was folded in a rather odd pattern. While the taste was generally all right, I didn’t find that if was particularly filling. The crepes aren’t expensive, but it would require two to make a decent lunch.

Caramel Crepe Sweet

My next time around I went for the sweet side of the menu. I debated ordering only one specialty crepe, but decided to order two of the basic sweet ones. I chose a butter maple syrup crepe and a butter and brown sugar crepe. Between the two, they were somewhat more filling than the savoury one I had, but had I not had a sandwich a little earlier, I still would have come away a little hungry. The other thing I found was that the crepes were a little chewier than I would like. Granted they issue plastic cutlery, but the crepes were still difficult to cut through.

This would probably rank as my most disappointing dining experience at The Forks. With so many other great places to choose from, I doubt I’ll be returning to Caramel Crepe
Caramel Crêpe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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