R U Caribbean Me Food Truck

Earlier this year I was followed on Twitter by a new food truck called R U Caribbean Me?! They told me they were hoping to hit the streets this summer. I kept my eyes open for the truck, but had almost given up hope that it would hit the streets this year. Fortunately, R U Caribbean Me?! made out as part of ManyFest this past weekend.

R U Caribbean Me Truck
The illustration from the side of the R U Caribbean Me truck.

Even better the wait was definitely worth it. R U Caribbean Me?! is the second Caribbean food truck to join the Winnipeg food truck scene. The menu here is focused more on traditional/authentic Caribbean cuisine. This makes the truck a nice contrast/complement to Island Fusion.

So here are my usual food truck related thoughts on R U Caribbean Me?!


The top end on this truck is the Jerk Pork or Chicken dinner. The one I ordered came with chicken, rice and peas, salad, and a beverage for $12.00. The prices aren’t tax inclusive (I’m listing with tax), but they do work out to round dollar or half-dollar amounts. On the other end are the spring rolls for $1.50 each 6/$7.50 if you are looking for a light snack.The patty was $4.00, and the pulled pork poutine worked out to $10.00. Portion sizes were generous. 4.5/5


Selection was reasonably good. I particularly like that you can get small items such as the spring rolls. Also, as they were debuting at ManyFest, it was probably a good decision to go with fewer items.

R U Caribbean Me Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken from R U Caribbean Me



Thie food i had was consistently good. I had two favourites. The patty, which had a flaky shell, and was filled with well seasoned ground beef. Then, there was the jerk pork poutine. For a truck serving authentic cuisine, this dish stole the show. There was rich jerk seasoning. that was also spicy enough that I didn’t even need to add hot sauce to enjoy and experience the heat. This poutine will stand up against any in the city. I rank it in my top five of all food truck dishes. 5/5

R U Caribbean Me Poutine
One of my all time favourite food truck dishes. Jerk Pork Poutine, from R U Caribbean Me


All of the of the meal type items I ordered came in re-closeable containers. The only potential drawback I found was that the gravy was at risk of making the container with the poutine soggy. Both the spring roll and patty came in little foil containers. 4.5/5

Spring Roll from R U Caribbean Me
R U Caribbean Me Spring Roll
R U Caribbean Me Patty
The patty is well filled and with good, flaky pastry.
R U Caribbean Me Solo
A Mango flavoured Solo


An event like ManyFest always makes it a little difficult to judge service. However, the people I dealt with were friendly and maintained a cheerful attitude on a busy day. 4/5

R U Caribbean Me?! Overall:

It’s late in the food truck year, but I think that’s all the more reason for people to seek out this truck. Follow their Twitter feed to find out what’s going on, and visit them sooner rather than later. R U Caribbean Me is a great new addition to Winnipeg’s streets.

R U Caribbean Me Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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