Taste of Sri Lanka

September brings with it the return to routine. That means I spend more time in the building at St. Philip’s. As a result my travels tend to be focused in the nearby area. There are a couple of places at The Forks that I hadn’t visited yet, one of them being Taste of Sri Lanka. So I decided I would stop by a couple of times this past week.

Visiting Taste of Sri Lanka took me back to when I first tried there food. This was many years ago when they operated out of a store front location on Ellice Avenue. I really liked the original location, as the focus was as much on offering a great, friendly dine-in experience as it was on the food.

Taste of Sri Lanka Meals:

On my first visit I decided I would stick with a combo meal. I went with the spicy noodles, and a vegetable and a meat item. I went with a good bit of spice with the meal as I added the chicken curry for my meat item. The vegetables were a creamy mushroom and zucchini mixture.

A Taste of Sri Lanka Combo
My combo meal from A Taste of Sri Lanka.

The combo prices at Taste of Sri Lanka are a little higher than at some of the other outlets at The Forks, but they still work out to a pretty good deal.

Taste of Sri Lanka also sells a variety of items such as samosas and veggie rolls. So, the second time I went I opted for a noodles with one meat combo. To that I added a veggie roll and a veggie samosa. Being that it was later in the day they were out of the meat options on those two. My meat for the combo was the butter chicken. The chicken was tender and the sauce was milder than some butter chicken dishes than I have tried.

A Taste of Sri Lanka veggie roll
The Vegetable Roll from A Taste of Sri Lanka
Delicious Taste of Sri Lanka filling
The Vegetable roll is well-filled and delicious.

When it came to the two sides. The veggie roll reminded me of a savoury version of an apple jack. The pastry was crispy and flaky on the outside with a tasty filling in the middle.The samosa filling also had a great deal of flavour, but I found the pastry to be very hard and dry.

Based on my visits, I would choose the combos before the sides, but Taste of Sri Lanka certainly delivers a lot of taste from their menu.

Taste of Sri Lanka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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