Casa Burrito Portage Avenue

The school year starts this week. So, I decided I’d make another visit to Casa Burrito. Casa Burrito is located just across the street from the University of Winnipeg. I still think of the building as the home of Supreme Fitness and Racquet Courts, although it’s been a long time since that business closed. Back in the day I worked at the bus depot Henry Armstrong’s and the Supreme staff were regularly visitors to the shop.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit Casa Burrito Thanks to the Downtown Biz and their patio program. That day we got to try a variety of the items that the restaurant has on offer. This past week I went to give a meal a try.

Casa Burrito Patio Salsa.

Quesadillas with Salsa Verde, House Salsa,and Mango-Pineapple Salsa. From left to right they feature sweet to hot. All great for enjoying on the Casa Burrito patio.

Casa Burrito Dinner:

On my latest visit I decided I would order a salad and burrito. I ordered the full-size Mango Veggie salad and a medium Beef Burrito. Given the size of the medium burrito, I quite likely would order the small next time, as between the two it was almost more food than I could handle. Almost.

I really enjoyed the the burrito. I decided I would give it a try without any of the available hot sauces. I tried all the sauces on the patio tour visit and they were all excellent. However, sometimes I like to see how well a dish stands on it’s own without any condiments. The Beef Burrito stood up very well. The beef was tender. There was a good mixture of beef and beans. The burrito is also advertised as being hot, and it clearly delivered as advertised.

Casa Burrito Beef

Medium Beef Burrito from Casa Burrito

The Mango Salsa was also very enjoyable. The Mango salsa is the star of the salad. It features a nice mixture of sweet and heat. Like the burrito the portion size of the salad is quite generous. If you want to make a meal of the salad, you can add a portion of meat for a couple of bucks.

Casa Burrito Mango Salad

Mango Salad

Casa Burrito offers a variety of soft drinks. These include Jarritos, Mundet, and the usual assortment of Pepsi Products. I’ve found the service to be friendly and efficient. Judging from the greetings from several customers on my second visit, they’ve built a lot of good relationships over time

Casa Burrito Soda

The Mundet Green Apple Soda was quite refreshing.

The patio season is slowly winding down as Winnipeg weather turns cooler. However, Casa Burrito also offers several table and counter spots inside. If you find yourself in the U of W area this fall, stop in at Casa Burrito and warm yourself up, inside and out.

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