Promenade Cafe & Wine

One of the things I like about where I work is that there are lots of good dining options in the area. Yesterday I wrote about Pastrami & Things, which is just a few blocks down Tache from St. Philip’s. Today, I’m writing about Promendade Cafe and Wine. Promenade Cafe and Wine, is on the corner of Provencher and Tache, still only ten or so blocks from St. Philip’s. This gives a few extra minutes to let lunch settle when I walk back to work.

Despite being called Cafe and Wine, I’ve only been there during work hours, so I can only write about the cafe and not the wine. However, there are a lot of good things to say about the cafe all on it’s own.

Promenade Cafe and Wine, Moules et Frites

Moules et Frites from Promenade Cafe and Wine.

Dining at Promenade Cafe

Located on the corner immediately across from the pedestrian bridge into St. Boniface, Promenade Cafe and Wine shares space with a couple of other restaurants in a little corner lot. The restaurant is spacious, and is divided into three sections. One of the benefits of this is that there is a fair degree of privacy when you are dining with others even though the restaurant is quite full.

My first visit I went with a couple of parishioners. It was a little past lunch so the restaurant wasn’t full. I decided to go with the Moule et Frites. This was quite good, and the portion of both Moules et Frites was quites generous. My fellow diners had the steak sandwich, and the french onion soup. There was one other item that I can’t remember, but both very much enjoyed the meal.

Quinoa Salad from Promenade Cafe.

Promenade Cafe Quinoa Salad.

The next time I went in I decided to try a soup and salad combo. I had two reasons for this. One, was that it made for a lighter meal. Two, I was hoping for something that would be served quickly. I went with a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, and a Ginger Carrot soup. The soup was exceptional, with both the ginger and carrot flavours coming through in equal measure. The salad was equally flavourful, but it failed somewhat on the lightness scale. I found that there was just a little bit to much dressing on it. As for the quickness the meal came quite quickly.

Promenade Cafe Ginger-Carrot Soup

A superb Ginger-Carrot soup.

My latest visit I made in conjuction with Le Burger Week. Le Burger Week is promoted through the Charcoal Collaborative. The special at Promenade Cafe, was the Fig, Pig and Bison. This was one huge burger, that even after squishing down was hard to fit into the mouth. The bacon wrapping around the Bison kept the meat nice and juicy.

Promenade Cafe and Wine Burger

Le Burger Week entry from Promenade Cafe and Wine

Promenade Cafe and Wine Burger

The Fig, Pig, and Bison Burger for Le Burger Week.

This though was probably my worst experience as far as the service went. It was very busy, but there was no offer to refill my water during my meal, and the wait time was on the long side for a lunch visit. That said, the service on the other two visits was very good.

On the whole, Promenade Cafe and Wine is a place I wouldn’t hesitate to visit. The atmosphere is very good.  The food is always top quality, and by and large so is the service.

Promenade Cafe and Wine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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