Tasty Soup at Portage Place

The other day, I was wandering through Portage Place and decided that I might stop in at the Food Court for a bite to eat. I was planning on doing a bit of a circle through, but when I got to the east end, I noticed that the Teriyaki Experience kiosk was gone, and had been replaced by a new Asian restaurant called L & Y Tasty Soup.

Tasty Soup Sign

The L & Y Tasty Soup Sign.

There was a bit of a hand-made approach to some of the signage and I asked my counter server whether or not L & Y Tasty Soup is part of a chain. She told me it is not. It is a unique local restaurant. This made me quite happy, as I like supporting local restaurants, and you don’t often find them in malls.

Tasty Soup Meals

My first I decided I would go with the Chicken Curry. I was going to add the Salad Rolls, but as it was towards the end of the day Saturday they were sold out. So I opted for a spring roll instead. The spring roll was all right, but nothing remarkable. The Chicken Curry was quite mild, but the curry sauce was flavourable and smooth and mixed well with the rice, making it easy to pick up with the chopsticks. The chicken was quite tender and there were lots of pieces.

Tasty Soups Curry.

The Chicken Curry from L & Y Tasty Soups.

Tasty Soup Spring Roll

Crispy Spring Roll

At lunch today, I decided I would give one of the soups a try. I ordered the Brisket Beef Soup but the Brisket hadn’t been prepared yet. The restaurant has only been open for a week and they seem to still have a few little things to iron out as one might expect. Instead I decided I would order the Phô. The portion was very generous, if anything I think it could have used fewer noodles. There are also all the condiments necessary to spice it up if you want to.

Being earlier in the day, the salad rolls were available. Tasty Soup offers them up in two varieties, Pork and Shrimp. I went with the Pork. Like the meat in the curry and the phô, the pork in the salad rolls was well cooked and tender.

Tasty Soups Pho

A bowlful of delicious Pho

Tasty Soup Condiments

Condiments for the Pho

Tasty Soup salad Rolls

Pork Salad Rolls.

On both of visits I found the service quick and friendly. I also found the food was served to me quickly. As a note though, Tasty Soups wasn’t busy either of the times that I went for my meal.

If you find yourself down in Portage Place, L & Y Tasty Soups is a good little local restaurant that is worth a visit or two.
L & Y Tasty Soup Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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