Johnny’s Marion Street

When I started working at St. Philip’s I also started to explore the neighbourhood restaurants. One of the first was the Marion Street Eatery. At the time I noticed there were a couple of other restaurants. Dairy Wip and Johnny’s, close by. I made a mental note of this, but unfortunately  my memory isn’t what it once was, so I forgot my intention.

Then, a couple of months go, the owners of Johnny’s happened to show up at St. Philip’s one Sunday, and I was reminded about the restaurant.

Johnny’s is a Greek-Canadian restaurant. One of the things about visiting Johnny’s is that it took me back to when I first moved into the West End. There was a similar restaurant called Minerva’s on Sargent Avenue. It was a favourite place for breakfast with a group of guys from church. Minerva’s closed and the group has moved to various parts of the city but we still keep in touch from time to time.


Johnny’s Breakfast and Lunch

One of the things I liked about Johnny’s is they feature an all-day breakfast menu. On my first first visit, I was feeling quite hungry and decided I would go with the Lumberjack Breakfast. As the picture below demonstrates there’s plenty of food in this breakfast.

Johnny's King Sized breakfast
The main plate from my King sized breakfast at Johnny’s

This breakfast will keep you going all day, and possibly into the next day as well. The pancakes were the highlight of the dish. They were as light and fluffy as any I’ve had at any restaurant. I found the sausages to be a little on the fatty side.

Johnny's pancakes.
I like the fact that the pancakes are an odd shape and size.

When I went for lunch, I ordered a three piece chicken dinner along with a side Greek Salad. Again, the portion size was enormous. You will never go hungry dining at Johnny’s. Even the side salad portion was quite substantial. The chicken breading was good and crispy. I also got gravy with the fries. The gravy was rich, thick and a good deep brown colour. Not only was there enough for the fries, but I was able to dip the chicken in it as well.

Johnny's three piece dinner.
A healthy sized portion for the three piece Chicken Dinner.

Service was also very good. My coffee and water were both kept full while I was eating. If you’re looking for some comfort food to fill you up on a day when you need a little extra something, Johnny’s is a great place to visit.

Johnny's Greek Salad
A tasty, but given the size of the chicken dinner, unnecessary, Greek Salad

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