Flatland Wrap – Donald Street

Flatland wrap appears to have closed. There is brown paper on the windows as of early March, 2019. I’ll keep my eyes peeled to see if this is a closure or just a renovation.

Traveling by foot as I do, I often run into people who I might not otherwise see. Among the people I periodically encounter are my former co-workers from L.C. Taylor & Co. Being well acquainted with my blogging habits, they often tell me of new restaurants in the area. Flatland Wrap is one of the places I learned about from them.

Flatland Wrap is located on the street level of the same building as Thida’s Thai, and Chicago Phil’s Pizza. Unlike them, Flatland Wrap occupies a rather tiny space. There’s counter space for about four people and a couple of tables that hold another four. In warm weather there’s also a couple of tables on the sidewalk.

Lunchtime at Flatland Wrap:

Flatland Wrap is open for lunch and early dinner, but my visits have all been at lunchtime. As the name suggests, wraps are the specialty, but each of the wraps is also available as a platter. In addition, salads and fries are also on offer. For a small little space, there is a quite good size of selection.

A good serving of salad.

I went for the Shawarma when I had the wrap. The wrap itself was full to almost bursting. There was lots of filling, both meat and otherwise. The meat was tender and there was plenty of sauce without it being overly runny. I’m not a big fan of messy food, as I can make enough mess on my own. The salad I ordered was also very fresh.

My most recent visit I decided that I would go for one of the platters. I chose the Smokey BBQ Platter. The platter comes with meat, rice, salad, pita (on the side), hummus, and tzatziki. The beef was quite tender, and the smokey BBQ sauce lived up to it’s name.

I only detailed the food from two visits, but it has been consistently good on all visits. The other thing that has been consistently good has been the service. The staff is friendly and pleasant. The food is prepared and served quickly. Flatland Wrap is a good addition to downtown lunch options.

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