Biggest Little Child Star – Fringe

One of the plays that’s high on my Fringe list was Lorca, by Bolero Dance Company. Their performances are at the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre on Provencher. Wanting to see multiple shows during the day, I was torn between trying to see something in the Exchange and then going out to Provencher, or just taking in one of the other shows on offer at the Centre. I opted to go with the latter choice. I decided I would take in the early show called, Biggest Little Child Star.

Biggest Little Child Star Show Times

Biggest Little Child Star is basically a show about the importance of friendship(and perhaps boy band stars, though that is not an area I claim any expertise in). In it the main character returns to her home town to audition for a part she lost to her best friend twenty years ago. As the story unfolds we find out that neither friend’s life has worked out in the way they thought it would.

Biggest Little poster
The poster for the Biggest Little Child Star

Melanie Dahling (the playwright). and Jessica Cheffins deliver solid performances as the two friends/competitors. One can easily imagine them being two people falling back into the friendship that they shared as children. Both bring abundant energies to the roles. Their singing was a little shaky, but in many ways that helped to drive the plot along.

Sarah Martin was the standout performer of the group. She played four characters. Two, the church lady and the yoga mentor, were female. The other two, the cranky old bus driver and the police officer, were male. She brought good delineation to all four of the characters.

The biggest challenge in watching the play was the timelines as they related to the characters. The play is set twenty years after the original incident, and yet too often the characters seem to remain in their nine year old personas even in the present day. While they fell back easily into their old relationship, they don’t seem to have change after 20 years.

As a taking a gamble show this wasn’t too bad a choice. It might be worthwhile if you find yourself wanting to fill up a Fringe Pass.


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