Muddy Waters Smokehouse

Throughout the spring I’ve been checking out the various food outlets at The Fork’s Market. I’m continuing this as we enter into the warmth of summer. When the weather get’s really hot, The Forks is a great place to be. There are several places to enjoy the sun and several to escape the heat. Muddy Waters Smokehouse is one of those places.

Muddy Waters jerseys.
Jerseys hung up in the rafters at Muddy Waters.

Featuring a good sized patio along with a fair bit of inside seating, Muddy Waters allows you to enjoy a beverage or meal while enjoying the sun, or cooling down with a little air conditioning.

The name Winnipeg is derived from the Cree for Muddy Waters, so a restaurant down where two rivers come together is well named. Muddy Waters is also the name of one of the great bluesmen of all time. Blues and BBQ are inseparable, so it’s another reason why the name for the restaurant is good.

While you read the rest of the post, here’s a little Muddy Waters to listen to get you in the appropriate mood.

Winnipeg has a few good places for BBQ, and after a few visits I would definitely add Muddy Waters to the list of BBQ places you should visit. My first time in I went for the quarter chicken meal. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of Swiss Chalet, Muddy Waters on the other hand does chicken right. The sauce was not too heavy, and the chicken itself was quite moist. It came with sides of corn, beans, and coleslaw. I really liked the fact that the beans weren’t too hard to chew, and that the sauce was a little more subtle than some other places.

Muddy Waters coleslaw.
The Muddy Waters coleslaw in close up.

My second time around I went for making a meal out of a couple of side dishes. I ordered a pound of wings and an order of chili. I went for the Jerk flavoured wings. This was definitely my favourite dish of all the ones I tried. Instead of being a sauced wing it was a dry rub wing. The skin was crispy and meat was tender. The Jerk seasoning had a bit of heat to it, but wasn’t overwhelming, while perfectly capturing the Jerk flavours. The chili was a little less impressive. The best part of it is that it come with plenty of cheese on top. However, the chili itself was somewhat on the runny and watery side. Still, it makes for a filling lunch dish.

Muddy Waters Chli
The skillet chili from Muddy Waters. Plenty of cheese on top of this dish

Muddy Waters Ribs

I thought about writing this post after my second visit to Muddy Waters. Then I started thinking that it didn’t seems right to visit a BBQ style restaurant and not try the ribs. So, I went back for one more trip. Once again, I wasn’t disappointed that I had. I decided to go the cheaper route and order the half rather than the full rack. I was quite happy that I did. My portion was still quite large and I was more than satisfied with my meal.

Muddy Waters rib platter.
My rib platter from Muddy Waters.

In addition to the food being really good, the service was up to the same level. I’m not sure if they had done extra scheduling due to the Women’s World Cup, but it did seem that they were overstaffed each time I went.  That’s not a complaint, but just a realization it may not always be as such. The service was also attentive and things like refills were taken care of promptly. In fact, on one of my visits I got a refill on my ginger ale without even asking.

The only slightly odd thing about Muddy Waters, is that although it has a blues style name, the decor is more sports bar. There are several TVs and plenty of memorabilia hanging on the walls. It doesn’t take away from the atmosphere at all, it just seems a little strange. Of course, it may just be me.

If you are in the mood for BBQ, heading down to Muddy Waters at the Forks is never a bad idea.
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