Vietnam Restaurant

Vietnam restaurant has since closed and has been replaced by another restaurant. I have yet to have a chance to check it out. 

If you like value in your restaurant experiences. Restaurants in strip malls are usually a good bet. One such place in Winnipeg’s West End is Vietnam Restaurant. Located just north of Sargent Avenue in a strip mall that contains a pizza joint, laundromat and medical centre, Vietnam Restaurant has been delivering quality food for many years. For me it’s a favourite that I return to periodically.

The interior hasn’t changed much in many years. The tables and chairs are comfortable but there is nothing remarkable about the place. Generally the one TV in the place is on with either some sporting event or foreign language TV show airing. This includes glass table tops that underneath the glass include a very favourable review of the restaurant from Marion Warhaft of the Winnipeg Free Press. The review is dated 1997. Although the the menu has changed a little from when the review was written, the food is still very good.

A 20 year old review still adorns the tables.
A 20 year old review still adorns the tables.

Quick Dining at Vietnam Restaurant

One of the features of Vietnamese cuisine that I like is that it is fresh and fast. I’ve often found myself stopping at Vietnam Restaurant on days when I’ve had a full day, and I just want something good and quick on my way home. I find Vietnamese soups do this particularly well. My personal favourite is beef Phô with it’s mixture of beef slices, beef balls and tendon. Depending on the mood I’m in I’ll spice it up with a little Sriracha. I also like to toss the little red peppers into the soup, and I do eat them as well.


When I’m not in the mood for soup, I like to go for a curry dish. My favourite is beef with onions. I’m of the opinion that a dish can never have too much onion, or garlic for that matter, and the sizzling curry beef at Vietnam Restaurant certainly delivers in that regard. The dish also comes with a generous portion of rice that is included in the price of the meal. No extra buck or two for rice here.

Curry beef with lots of onions
Curry beef with lots of onions
Rice comes included with the curry beef
Rice comes included with the curry beef

Another feature of the Vietnamese restaurant is the Salad Roll. When I was here I order the Pork Salad Roll. The rolls were stuffed with pork which was roasted in some form of marinade or gravy. This left the pork very moist. It also produced a Salad Roll that didn’t need to be dipped in the peanut sauce. It’s always a good sign if a dish doesn’t need a dipping sauce to be flavourful. At the same time, the marinade that the pork had been cooked in wasn’t so overpowering that it took away from the peanut sauce.

Plenty of flavour even without using the peanut sauce.
Plenty of flavour even without using the peanut sauce.

Vietnam offers a variety of drink choices. There are one or two beers available. There is also soda pop, and a few specialty drinks. For me, I’ll always order the same drink. Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk. It comes either hot or cold. As a result it’s the right choice any time of year. The same could be said of the restaurant as a whole. Doesn’t matter when you go, you can’t go wrong.
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