Modern Taco Company

A few weeks ago Joanne Epp, a friend and parishioner from St. Margaret’s, held the launch of her poetry collection Eigenheim. The launch with reading was at McNally Robinson’s in Grant Park Mall. Figuring that Prairie Ink, the bookstore restaurant would be quite busy, I decided to look around and see what else was available. As I wandered the mall, I ran across Modern Taco Company. I had heard about the place, and figured I’d give it a try.

Modern Taco Company

Modern Taco Company offers a variety of hot sauces to add to your food

Grant Park was the the mall hangout of my youth. The place to go at lunch hour and after school. Honing my skills on Pac-Man pinball. I was never very good at the Pac-Man game itself. The mall seems to be in constant flux these days, and is barely recognizable as my old haunt. Still, the Co-op grocery store is roughly in the place where the Dominion Store was. Dominion was forever banning and unbanning students from going through for one reason or another.  Anyways, enough of my nostalgic ramblings.

I actually brought up the Dominion Store for a reason. If you’re old enough to remember the old layout, Modern Taco Company is just a little east from where the Dominion was located.

The layout is quite bright inside the restaurant, and they also have an indoor patio outside their doors. As a result, there are plenty of seats to choose from when you visit. White is the dominant colour, but it is offset by very colourful signage and products.

Modern Taco Company Sign

The sign for Jarritos drinks is just one of the many colourful touches at Modern Taco Company.

Modern Taco Company Taco Tuesday

The reading I was attending was on a Tuesday. Modern Taco Company has a Taco Tuesday deal where Tacos are $2.50 each. These are smaller size tacos of the size you might get from Habanero Sombrero. The tacos are mix and match, so I ordered three different flavours.

Modern Taco Company taco tray.

A tray of tacos.

I went with the Chicken Tinga, Frijoles, and Carne Asada Argentina. All three were very flavourful. The one problem I had with all of them though, is that they had a great deal of liquid in them which ran down my arms when I tried to eat them. I wonder if this may be a by-product of Taco Tuesday and having to produce them at a faster rate than usual.

Modern Taco Company Pollo Sabroso

Pollo Sabroso

I wanted to add a little something to the meal, and instead of going for a typical side of chips, I opted for the Pollo Sabroso spicy chicken soup and an order of rice. The soup was the highlight of both my visits to Modern Taco Company. There was lots of chicken in the soup and it was reasonably spicy. The rice, which I had to remind them I had ordered, was mere OK.

My second visit produced my other favourite item. That is their slaw. The cabbage and carrots were crisp and there was just the right amount of dressing. The dressing had a bit of a lemon flavour to it, which made for a change from typical coleslaw dressings. This time around I went for the deconstructed taco. This was taco toppings served on a bed of rice. The portion size was quite substantial. Although, it could have used a little more taco seasoning.

Despite missing the rice on my first visit, I still found the service to be pretty good. I’d would definitely head back to Modern Taco Company if I’m up at Grant Park again.
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