Boun’s – Marion Street

It’s almost a year since I wrote a review of Vientiane Thai on Marion Street. Vientiane Thai is located across the street from Deen’s Caribbean. It also shares space in a strip mall with Lovey’s BBQ and Boun’s. Of the three other restaurant’s Boun’s is the most interesting, because they both feature Thai cuisine. Boun’s also features Laotian cuisine, but from what I observed it seems fairly similar to Thai. It would probably take someone with more expertise than me to distinguish them. Boun’s calls itself an Asian restaurant, and offers some Vietnamese dishes among it’s choices. However, when I ordered I went with the dominant theme. Generally a safe idea when you are in a restaurant that offers multiple styles.

Boun's water Jug

A jug of water is always a welcome sight when you enter a restaurant.

Boun’s hours are 10-2 and 4-8 Monday to Friday, and 4-8 Saturday. This kept me away from the restaurant at times, as on a couple of occasions I showed up only to discover that they were closed. In the end both visits I paid were done at the end of the lunch rush. One of the things I appreciated about Boun’s was having my server bring a jug of water to the table with the menu. This was especially good on the second visit when it was warmer and I was thirstier.

Comparison Dining at Boun’s

Having been to Vientiane, I decided that I wanted to try at least one dish that was the same by way of comparison. I settled on the Mee Krob. This is a meat salad. Marinated ground beef is the primary ingredient.

Food for Five Thousand Feasted Boun's

The Mee Krob salad from Vientiane Thai.

Mee Krob Salad Boun's

Boun’s Mee Krob Salad

The portion sizes may be a bit distorted because of the picture sizes, but they were pretty similar. The biggest difference between the two was that the Vientiane Thai offering had a little more of the peanuts, onion, etc. and the dressing was more complex. The Boun’s dressing relied a little to heavily on the vinegar.

Boun’s Other Offerings

Boun's soup

Boun’s Coconut Curry Soup

While Boun does offer Pho, I decided that I would stick with a soup that reflects the Thai influence and went with the Coconut Curry soup. The broth was a yellow curry. It was rich in texture and fairly mild in flavour. There was also plenty of chicken in the soup.

Along the way, I decided I would give the Chicken Satay a try as well. The Satay was well seasoned and the peanut sauce was appropriately creamy. The chicken however was a little tough and on the stringy side requiring a bit of effort to pull it off the skewer.

Boun's Satay

Satay and Peanut Sauce from Boun’s

By contrast, the chicken curry plate was my favourite dish. Served with thick noodles, the curry had a bit of zip to it. Seeing that it was the middle of the day when I went, I decided to stay away from the spicier choices. Old age is starting to take it’s toll on me.

Another item I really enjoyed was the summer rolls. They were a little shy on the stuffing in comparison to some that I’ve had, but the sauce that came with them has a nice tangy flavour to it. I can’t quite identify the flavour, but it was a pleasant change from the typical spring/summer roll sauce.

Boun's sald rolls.

Salad rolls with dipping sauce

My first instinct when heading down Marion would be to stop at Vientiane’s. However, Boun’s is only a slight drop off from the quality their. You certainly won’t be disappointed with it as your restaurant choice.

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