Chilean Corner, Forks Market

I wrote yesterday that I was working my way through the food court at The Forks. Today, I’m writing about Chilean Corner. Chilean Corner is located across the hall from Bindy’s, but I don’t remember ever having order from them.

Chilean Corner Sign
The overhead sign for the Chilean Corner

The centerpiece dish at Chilean Corner is the Empanada. It is available in several varieties and served in a variety of combination plates.  There are also several stews on order. In addition the restaurant has a couple of desserts available. They also carry some packaged treats Finally, along with the regular collection of Coke, etc. they also carry Jarritos. Jarritos are a line of soda from Mexico. They are sweetened with cane sugar and I find them to generally be noticeably less sweet than your typical North American sodas.

Chilean Corner Stew:

My first time at Chilean Corner I went with the Beef Stew that came with Coleslaw, Sopapilla(fry bread) and drink. I went for the combo because it was the best deal. This is the kind of stew that will remind you of family dinner at home. The one thing that I would have preferred would be crispier vegetables, but the beef was good and tender. The coleslaw was quite crispy and not overly dressed. The surprise for me was the Sopapilla. It appeared to be a little overdone, but when I ate it, it was crispy on the outside without being overcooked on the inside.

Chilean Corner Beef Stew with coleslaw
The Chilean Corner beef Stew


Much like the Sopapilla, my visual impression of the Empanada was that it would likely be quite doughy and heavy. Again, the pastry turned out really well. Given the size, I was worried that it would be all pastry and no filling. While it wasn’t stuffed to the gills, there was still plenty of filling, including a good amount of chicken. It was like a chicken stew wrapped in pastry.

Empanada from Chilean Corner
Chilean Corner Empanada along with salad

I also ordered this in combo form.  This time the salad was a mix of tomato and onions. I’m a big onion fan, especially in marinated from. The sharpness of the salad set the stew off nicely.

For dessert I went for a caramel filled meringue. It proved a little fragile as the picture shows, but the flavours were good, and the meringue proved to be good and chewy in the middle.

Chilean Corner meringue
A fragile but very tasty meringue from the Chilean Corner



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