Brogue Gastropub Supper Club Night

The Brogue Gastropub is a relatively new addition to the Round Table Restaurant at the corner of Stafford and Pembina. The only time I had visited the space was 10-15 years ago. Then it was a simple lounge add-on to the Round Table. The current space is quite a bit more inviting than the old one.

The Brogue Gastropub has a large grouping of comfortable seats. It has enough big screens that anyone who wants to keep up on the latest sports action can do so. It also has few enough big screens that you can ignore them if you want to focus on the friends that you have gathered with.

The one other physical feature that caught my eye was the large chandelier that looks like it might belong in a large medieval dining hall.

My visit to Brogue Gastropub was with my friends in the Why Cook Wednesday Supper Club. As this is a group, people arrive at a variety of times. So, I decided to start with one of the beverages available. I decided to go with the Faxe Lager. This lager comes out of Denmark, and while it was a light choice that fit well with a meal, when it comes to Danish exports I’ll stick to Victor Borge videos and Sandi Toksvig panel show appearances. (I love YouTube).

Brogue Gastropub Meal:

When I’m out with a group I’ll sometimes try and make a meal out of appetizers. I don’t always get my full complement of vegetables, but that’s the sacrifices I make. This visit was the first time I regretted that. I ordered the Mole ribs and the chips and dips. Part of my mistake was ordering a dish based on Masterchef. While the show’s recipe was for wings, I expected the ribs I ordered to have sauce, and some Mexican style flavours, it had neither. On top of that the $12.00 order came with five very small ribs. On the positive side the ribs were cooked very well. They were moist and falling off the bone.

I didn’t end up with a picture of my the chips and dips I ordered. Unlike the ribs, this featured a very substantial pile of home made chips. These were cooked nice and golden brown. There was plenty of dip with them as well, so I was at no time worried about running out of it.

For the rest of the group, the fish and chips was the most popular order. I talked to three of the four people who ordered it. They all agreed that the fish was quite nice.

One of the specialties of the Brogue Gastropub is their bacon. A couple of members of our group ordered it  and found it enjoyable. Another couple of people order the roast beef stuffed Yorkshire Pudding. These were substantial servings that came with a rich, brown gravy.

Our visit was on a Wednesday night. This is the night that live music is featured. So, as the evening progressed more and more people started showing up, and leaving us with the feeling that they were in a bit of hurry for our group to leave. As far as service goes, it was only all right. A couple of the orders got mixed up, and it took our server three attempts to get one of the bills right at the end of the evening.

I think the Brogue Gastropub makes for an okay evening out. It might be the kind of place you might want to consider skipping when they offer live music, as it seemed the extra crowd wasn’t dealt with particularly well.



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