Beet Happening – Notre Dame

Despite living really close to Notre Dame Avenue I find that most of my life and eating happens to the south and east of that street. That’s why when it comes to new restaurants I’ve been writing about place such as Sherbrook Street Delicatessen and The Tallest Poppy over the last few months.

I occasionally find my way down to Lucky Supermarket or one of the Vietnamese restaurants on the street. With the opening of Beet Happening on the corner of Notre Dame and Beverly, those trips will become more frequent. The signage for Beet Happening with it’s “Good food is Good” slogan has been up on the building for a long time. I’d walk past it and wonder if anything was ever going to open. Last week one of my friends posted on her Facebook page that Wednesday, March 25th, was going to be the opening day. I set my alarm clock early and set out for breakfast.

Beet Happening sign

The sign says it all.

Beet Happening Breakfast:

I was hoping to be there as soon as the doors open, but I was a little bit later than I had intended to be. When I got there, there was only one other person in the restaurant sitting at the counter facing the street. I guess the near blizzard conditions might have kept some early enthusiasts away.

I was greeted by a gentleman whom I gather is one of the owners. He gave me a bit of a rundown on what was available. The focus at breakfast is on breakfast pastries. So you won’t find your typical American Breakfast. You know, bacon, eggs, etc. However, their absence from the menu should be celebrated rather than mourned. At least if my breakfast is any indication. I ordered a Potato Galette, and a Fennel spiced Sausage Roll for my breakfast. They were both absolutely wonderful. The pastry was light and flaky on the sausage roll, and the filling was delicately spiced. The roll managed to fill me up without sitting heavy. The Galette had a sweet onion flavour and again was filling without being heavy.

Beet Happening Breakfast

Potato Galette, Arugula, and Fennel Spiced Sausage Roll from Beet Happening.

Americano at Beet Happening

Beet Happening Americano

Service at Beet Happening is done at the counter, with payment when you order. There is a counter where you collect all your cutlery, etc. You also fill your own water at the counter. There is a rather cool looking urn from which you get it.

Beet Happening water

Beet Happening water fill station.

Beet happening also sells a limited selection of jams and jellies for take home use. I picked up a bottle of their hot pepper jelly. I plan on doing another post on Manitoba products. I’ll include the jelly in that one.

Beet Happening Lunch:

Enjoying my breakfast as much as I did, I returned today for lunch. The menu isn’t particularly vast, but there are enough different items to give you some good choices. I went with the individual vegetarian pizzette and half order of the soup of the day. The soup of the day was a rich black bean soup. There were lots of solid ingredients in the broth. It hit a niceness balance of sweetness and spice.

The pizzette featured a lot of sweet tasting vegetables, which nicely complemented the light and airy dough. The dough was exceptionally fresh tasting. As with the breakfast galette, arugula was available on top. Between these two they made for a satisfying lunch.

Beet Happening Vegetarian Pizzette

Vegetarian Pizzette

Beet Happening Soup.

Half-order of Beet Happening Soup of the Day.

While my lunch was satisfying I felt like a little something sweet to top it off. I went with a thumbprint and a chocolate cookie. Of the two I enjoyed the chocolate the most. It was melt in your mouth good. The thumbprint cookie is great for when you want something a little less sweet.


Om-nom-nom as a certain blue creature says.

I went slightly off peak hours both days. So, I can’t say how they will handle rushes. Service both days was excellent. The staff is friendly, and will take the time to walk you through what they have to offer. There is also a variety of seating arrangements from tables, a large booth, smaller booths and window front counter seating. You’re sure to find something you like. That goes for the food and the seating. If Beet Happening isn’t already on your dining calendar make sure you put it there soon.

Booths at Beet Happening

A couple of booths at Beet Happening

Beet Happening Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


7 thoughts on “Beet Happening – Notre Dame

    • Thanks for the question. The pricing was on the low end of medium. My lunch, including tea and cookies came to about $20.00 tax inclusive, but you can get a good meal in around the $10-15 dollar range. I just added extras.


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