Union Station Cafe Kiosk

Union Station on Main Street at Broadway was once one of the transportation hubs in Winnipeg. There still are some trains that come through, but mainly the building is dedicated to offices. With the Forks a stone’s throw away, there is also not a great demand for food services in the building. However, in the rotunda, there is a little kiosk called the Union Station Cafê Kiosk.

Union Station omelet.
Ham and Cheese Omelet from the Union Station Cafe Kiosk

The kiosk has a limited menu that mainly consists of salads, sandwiches, and wraps. However, there is a small kitchen in the back where they produce soup, and a hot special or two each day. For the travelers who may stop through, they also carry the usually supply of chocolate bars, and gum, etc.

Lunch at Union Station:

I had stopped by the kiosk a couple of times and picked up a cup of coffee, but until recently hadn’t tried any of the food. My first stop was at lunch time, and so I decided to give the chili a try. The price was right at only $4.00 and the serving came with a slice of garlic toast included. This was a pretty good chili. It had the right flavour, and there was a nice little bit of spice to the dish. All in all it left me feeling satisfied.

Union Station garlic toast
The slice of garlic toast that came with my order of chili

Going for Breakfast:

The first time I visited I noticed a breakfast special. So, the next time I went I decided that was what I was going to order. Unfortunately I discovered the breakfast special is only available on Tuesdays and Thursday. Undaunted, I returned on Thursday to enjoy the breakfast special. The special on offer that day was a ham and cheese omelet. There was plenty of both in the omelet, and the potatoes, which were chunked were also well cooked. They came skin on which is another thing I like. I also ordered one of the to-go yogourts with fruit and granola. This in itself would make for a good, light breakfast.

Union Station parfait
Yogourt parfait from Union Station

The coffee was simply all right, but I don’t mind eating my meal and then heading over to the Forks to one of my favourite places Espresso Junction.

There is limited seating in the Union Station. On the other hand the kiosk is located in the rotunda which gives you some very fine architecture to enjoy while you eat. Also, The Forks can be a little overwhelming at time, so if you’re looking for a little more relaxed atmosphere while you are on a lunch break, a trip from The Forks to the Union Station Cafe Kiosk might be just the ticket.

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