Coffee Depot-Downtown Skywalk

Back in January I wrote a post on Café Asante. In it I explained how a fall had caused me to spend more time walking indoors. While it has it’s critics, I really appreciated the downtown walkway system. Especially during the real cold months. With the weather warming up I’m sure I’ll be spending more time outdoors when I walk. Still, it’s nice to know the walkway is there. That could also describe Coffee Depot, a little hole-in-the-wall café located in the walkway.

Coffee Depot Sign

The sign advertising Coffee Depot’s specialty the Fava Mudammas

The Beautiful Game at Coffee Depot:

I first discovered Coffee Depot during Euro 2012. I’m not a massive footie fan, but am generally aware of what is going on in the sport. The TV in the place isn’t the biggest screen, but I knew the game would always be on. On top of that I knew the owner wouldn’t object if I sat there and watch almost the entire game while nursing one cup of coffee.

Coffee Depot Coffee

One of these from Coffee Depot got me through several soccer matches. Well, one each match.

While I had on one or two occasions had one of the baked goods on offer, I went several times before I ordered what is the house special. This is Fava Mudammas. This is a bean dish, traditional to Ethiopia/Eritrea. As the name suggests it’s made with fava beans, and features a combination of spices along with onion, jalapeno and tomato. You can get it with an egg on top if you so desire. They sell it as both regular or spicy. As you might suspect, I have no idea what the regular tastes like. The spicy is rather delightful, and it’s served with sour cream if you wish to cut through some of the spice. You have the choice of a bun or flat bread on the side. Get the flat bread, it’s light and flaky.

Fava Mudammas

A delightful dish.

Coffee Depot Flatbread

Warm, flaky, flatbread.

There are also a variety of sandwiches and baked goods available. Most of these fit in with your typical downtown coffee shop fare. One thing Coffee Depot does have that sets them apart from a lot of the other coffee shops is Samosas. I had a beef one the other day and the pastry was appropriately flaky. Plus, the filling to pastry ratio was very much filling-centric.

The Samosa was served with hot sauce. I don’t know if they offer a Tamarind one, because frankly, I love hot sauce.

While I am a fan of coffee drinks, such as lattes, etc. I haven’t tried any at the Coffee Depot. I enjoy the coffee, and find it is a good buy. Having said that, the last time I was there I ran into an acquaintance who works nearby. She said that one of the things she liked about Coffee Depot was that they did a nice Americano. So there’s that.

Sadly, they are not likely to be open at the time Jets games are on. However, if you find yourself taking the walkway during the day it’s worth your while to make a quick stop into the Coffee Depot.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Depot-Downtown Skywalk

  1. During the colder winter months, I’ve walked through that exact hallway to get to work (MB Hydro building) and have looked at, no make that drooled over, that sign more times than I can count! So thank you for doing a review…now I just need to get in there to order it one day (spicy version of course 🙂


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