Pancake House-Pembina Highway

I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of memories connected to specific restaurants. One or two but not a lot. The Original Pancake House on Pembina Highway is one of the few, and even then it’s more an association than a memory. I associate the Pancake House with meetings. Whether they be committee meetings, or brainstorming meetings, or occasionally meetings with someone such as the Bishop. Almost every trip to the Pancake House has been for some sort of meeting.

Pancake House sign.
A shot of the pancake house sign, taken through the snow.

This last week I went by myself for breakfast, but just prior to that I had been their with some colleagues from the Diocese. One of the aspects of the restaurant that makes it such a good place for groups to gather is that there are a lot of tables, and they are far enough apart that you feel you have enough privacy for your conversations.

Pancake House Breakfast:

The Pancake House menu has a large range of options on it.  So many in fact that even if you dislike pancakes, you can still find plenty of alternatives to satisfy your hunger. When I went on the evening to meet with my colleagues I wasn’t overly hungry so I decided to go with the poutine. I’d describe it as meh. The gravy tasted like it came from a package and they used grated marble cheese rather than cheese curds. Still. it’s an improvement over plain fries, especially if. like me, you don’t like ketchup.

Breakfast special at the Pancake House
The Pancake House breakfast special

The coffee is a little thin tasting, but it’s a bottomless cup, and sometimes that’s enough to make it worthwhile.


There are again a large variety of breakfast items, and it’s served all day. I headed in early when I went, so I could catch the breakfast special which is served between 7 am and    10 am. The breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, hash browned potatoes, and toast or pancakes. Naturally, since I was visiting the Pancake House, I went with the pancakes, along with getting my eggs scrambled.

Original Pancake House Coffee.
Coffee from the Original Pancake House

Also, with Shrove Tuesday coming up pancakes seemed to be a good idea to help start putting me in the right frame of mind.

They’ve clearly got this special down pat, as I had barely placed my order before it arrived at my table. Despite the speed everything on the plate was well cooked. The bacon was crispy, the potatoes were just going soft, and the eggs were well scrambled. The pancakes arrived on the side, which is good as they didn’t absorb any of the fat from the other food. I also liked the fact that I received a full container of syrup. Along with that my servers returned twice to enable me to get more coffee.

One thing that I noticed, and that stood out more in the morning than in the evening was the amount of empty tables. This was also the case when we went in the evening, but that time was close to closing time. It struck me that the Pancake House isn’t doing quite as well as it was once doing. It will be interesting to see what kind of an effect any long-term changes to the Pembina Hotel might have. That is if the hotel ends up making any changes.

The Original Pancake House makes a great place for a cheap family meal out. It is still also a great place for holding meetings. I hope it stays a fixture on Pembina Highway for many years to come.

Original Pancake House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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