Maw’s Eatery After WordPress MeetUp

Last night was the meeting for the Winnipeg WordPress Meetup Group. After the usual presentation and discussion, we headed off to Maw’s Eatery and Beer Hall for refreshment and further conversation. Before I write about Maw’s, I’m going to write a little about the Meetup group.

Maw's front door.
The front door of Maw’s

Winnipeg WordPress Meetup Group

When I first started blogging about eight years ago(the first five years were very hit and miss), I used Blogger (then called Blogspot) as my software. I wanted to be able to do more with my blog and eventually to monetize it, so I switched over to WordPress.

There’s a lot to learn if you want to commit to blogging, and part of that learning is getting the most out of the software or platform you’re using. The Winnipeg WordPress Meetup Group provides a great way for doing that. Each month there is a presentation on a different WordPress related topic followed by discussion.

Among the people who lead the group are Matt Wiebe and Ian Stewart, who are both employed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Also there are other people such as Brent Toderash and Don Betts(He designed the St. Philip’s website) to name two, who have many years experience in working with WordPress.

Maw's garden salad.
The Maw’s garden salad.

While the presentations at time are too technical for a non-coder, and non-designer like myself to fully appreciate, there are often little hidden gems in the presentation. Also, discussion time is available for asking other questions. Even better than the discussion time is the after party. Which brings me to Maw’s.

Maw’s Eatery and Beer Hall:

Ever since this Meetup started, meetings have ended with a visit to The King’s Head for our after discussion, discussions. This is generally the best time of the evening when it comes to finding answers to questions, especially if you are new to WordPress. The beverages and food are great, as I’ve written about previously. Also, gathering around the table’s makes it easier to include more people in the conversations.

Spring rolls at Maw's garage.
Maw’s Spring rolls.

Last night, someone suggested that instead of the King’s Head we try Maw’s. This idea was met with general approval, and a larger than average group stayed on for the session.

It was rather empty when we arrived at around 8:45pm. It turned out that the Beer Hall portion of the building is only open on the weekends. However, they did let us stroll over and take a quick look around. It was a little dark, and I forgot the camera light my brother Ian had recently set me. However, here are a couple of pictures of the Beer Hall area.

Maws Okanagan Spring
Okanagan Spring, beverage of choice for the evening at Maws

The eatery area where we were seat was quite open and spacious. There are many comfortable chairs for sitting, and our tables were set up in such away that you can fairly easily accommodate a largish group.

The one thing about the decor that struck me and a couple of others as odd, was what was up on the wall. On wall there was a TV showing basketball. The TV behind the bar had a movie playing, there was what appeared to be a virtual jukebox on a third wall, and in one corner by the door, a print of the Mona Lisa. Added up it gave the impression of a place dealing with a bit of an identity crisis.

Maws Garage fries
An order of fries from Maws

There was only a server and hostess working when we got there. Our server was otherwise occupied but the hostess did a great job of making us welcome and getting our beverage orders taken right away. When our server did arrive, our orders were taken quite promptly and through the rest of the evening she struck that perfect balance of being attentive and yet not being around so much that the conversations were constantly interrupted.

I order the lumpia and a house salad. In both cases I was quite pleased with the food. While the lumpia wasn’t quite as good as what I’ve experienced from Filipino restaurants such as Pimp My Rice, it was still quite crispy with a nice, meaty filling. I was even more pleased with the salad. There were plenty of other vegetables beside the lettuce, and some spiralized vegetables that meant almost every bite was crispy. This is a little difficult to do given the quality of lettuce in Winnipeg during the winter. The balsamic vinaigrette has a nice bite, and was served on the side. I washed it all down with a Cloudy Amber Ale from Okanagan Springs.

The comments I received from others on their dishes were that they ranged from all right to good. Although the person who ordered fish and chips thought them a little flavourless. On the whole though, the food is pretty good, and the portions quite generous. For a good take on their burgers, checkout The Burger Club.

Maw’s feels like it doesn’t quite know yet what kind of place it wants to be. However, I definitely think you should check it out. If you go on Wednesday’s there is live music from Chris Carmichael. It’s a good listen.

Maw’s gives you the sense that they still aren’t sure what kind of restaurant they want to be. However, I think it’s a place where it’s worth going along for the ride as they continue to make that journey.



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