Baba’s TallGrass Pantry

Baba’s is now shut down as part of The Fork’s restructuring.

Happy New Year everyone. I’ve let it be know in the past that I’m a real fan of Tall Grass Prairie Bakery. I also really like their Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, especially the cold pressed Sunflower Seed oil they sell. I enjoy the oil on popcorn and have used it to create one of my pork stew recipes.  So, when I heard that Tall Grass was opening Baba’s TallGrass Pantry and selling perogie meals I was intrigued.

Baba's sign
The sign out front of the now departed Baba’s Tall Grass Pantry

I paid my first visit to Baba’s in early December. I wasn’t overwhelmed with the quality of my meal the first time around. Generally speaking I found that everything was on the overcooked side. Particularly the cabbage roll which I found quite mushy. The one part of the meal that I did quite enjoy was the borscht. Good flavour with plenty of cabbage in it.

However, there were extenuating circumstances. Number one, was that it was very busy. Number two, there was a group of people in front of me whose ordering style I could only describe as chaotic. Given that, I wanted to see what I might encounter on a second visit.

Second Baba’s Visit:

My second time at Baba’s there was nobody else in line. I again ordered the meat combo meal. Baba’s offers two meal options a vegetarian one for $8.50 and a meat one for $10.50. Both of them will fill you up quite nicely for the price.

Again I would say that I found this meal a little on the disappointing side. Much like the first time I found the food to be a little on the overcooked side. This is particularly true of the cabbage rolls. I also find that the food in general is a little under seasoned. The lack of seasoning isn’t all bad. It works quite well with the borscht. It was also quite enjoyable having a Coleslaw that didn’t soak through the plate. I’d rate the Coleslaw as the best dish there.

However, both the perogies and the cabbage rolls could use a little bit more salt. The tomato sauce for the cabbage rolls was a little on the bitter side the first time, but that had disappeared on the second tasting. I also noticed a lack of salt in the Farmer’s Sausage. Labelled as Nitrate Free that is perhaps to be expected, but it still has a nice bit of spiciness to it.

While I find Baba’s TallGrass pantry to be an interesting addition to the Tall Grass brand, I can’t say that I particularly find it to be one that enhances the brand. Of course, Baba’s has only been open for a couple of months, so it still may be finding it’s feet as a restaurant. However, your best bet for now is to stick with the Bakery and Kitchen.




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