Legion Fall Supper

Yesterday afternoon was full of eating for me. It started with the Food Day Lunch at St. Mark’s and continued with the Fall Supper at the St. Boniface-Norwood Legion. It’s hard to believe that the Fall Suppers that I wrote about a few weeks ago are coming to an end. I almost missed out on the Legion one. I received a call from Faye Lavack the branch president asking if St. Philip’s wished to take a poppy box. I asked about tickets for the dinner and she told me they were all sold out. Fortunately she phoned back about five minutes later with the news that one of the tickets sellers had returned a single ticket so I was able to make my purchase.

The St.Boniface-Norwood Legion, is Branch #43 of The Royal Canadian Legion. It’s located on Marion Street, a couple of blocks over and just around the corner from St. Philip’s. One of the things that came along with being priest at St. Philip’s was that I also became padre for the branch. They will be joining us for our Remembrance Day service on November 11.

Legion dinner serving.
Turkey dinner serving from the Norwood Legion.

Tickets for the supper were $15.00 and included dancing from 1pm until 4pm when the meal actually began. The featured band was Nite Wind, and the dances were largely of the schotisse, polka, and waltz variety. I showed up at three o’clock hoping to be able to avoid the dance part. However, I was invited on the floor a couple of times and managed to move around without causing injury to anyone.

Legion Dinner:

We were all seated at numbered tables which were being called randomly to get our food. I was at table 9. The first table called was number 6, followed by 10, and then 7. I joked that since we were 9, logical progression suggested we would be next. As it turned out I was correct. Unfortunately for table 8 the progression ended with us.

We lined up to get our meals. This was a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. There was turkey, stuffing, cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, rolls, meatballs, vegetables, and pie for dessert. All of this home made by volunteers from the legion.

My photos of the serving trays of the food didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. However, if you look at the shot of my plate, you can get a pretty good idea of how satisfying the meal was. They even offered us the chance for seconds. I simply limited mine to the pie.

For every good fall supper, it seems that the pie should be the highlight of the meal. At my legion supper this was definitely the case. I decided to pick up my pie when I went through to pick up my meal. First, because I didn’t want any ice cream with it, so I didn’t have any worry about it melting. Second, I saw there was blueberry pie. Blueberry is my all-time favourite pie, and it always seems that when I wait it has run out.

Two things I really liked about the pie itself. One, it was served cold. Two, the natural tartness of the blueberries was allowed to shine through without being buried in piles of sugar. When I took my plate back I said how much I enjoyed it, and asked who made it.The baker’s name was Suzanne, and while I didn’t get to meet her, I want to say what a fantastic job she did. Plus, I was glad there was enough of it made that I could eat a second piece. One that was quite a big bigger than the one pictured.

At the beginning I mentioned how I almost missed out because the Legion was sold out of tickets. Part of this was that although there was seating for close to two hundred, not enough people responded early enough to allow those seats to be filled. Our Legions perform a great service for the veterans who have selflessly served a country. In the coming year I hope more people will support Legion dinners and other events. Please give back to those who have given so much.



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