Food Day Lunch at St. Mark’s

Food Day is a day set aside to help people be more reflective about the food they eat, and the way it is produced. In Canada, Food Day has generally occurred over the August Long Weekend. In the States it takes place during the month of October.

While there are specific Food Days set aside, one can practice the Food Day ethos at any time. Recently, the parish of St. Mark’s held it’s Fall Supper. As sometimes happens with events such as this there was a fair bit of food left over. So, the youth of St. Mark’s decided along with their leader Heather Ferguson, that they would put together a lunch using the leftovers. The proceeds of this lunch would then be used to fight hunger in the community.

Sale Sign for Food Day Lunch

The sign was in place to let people know what they needed to pay.

I don’t know what you like to do with leftovers, but soup is one of the things I most like to make with them. This is what the St. Mark’s Youth did. The main ingredients of the fall supper had been ham, turnips and carrots. all of these make for terrific soup ingredients.

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Food Day Meal:

Food Day Lunch Soup

The soup for the Food Day lunch was made with leftovers from the Fall Supper

The leftovers had been stored in the freezer at the church. I had seen the handouts advertising the soup lunch when I arrived in the morning, but an early trip to the kitchen to get myself some water didn’t reveal any soup being prepared. Nonetheless, I took it as an article of faith that there would be soup ready to go at the end of the service.

Sure enough, by the time I was able to remove my robes at the end of the liturgy and make my way up to the church hall, there was a line-up of people all waiting to get their soup. The soup was complemented by coleslaw, crusty buns, and a nice selection of desserts, The youth did all the serving and collecting of money. It was encouraging that almost the whole congregation stayed to enjoy the lunch. As you can see by the picture of my plate, no one was short-changed on their portions.

Soup with some extras from Food Day Lunch

Soup with some fixings at the St. Marks Food Day Lunch.

I’d like to give high marks and thanks to Heather and the youth for finding such a creative and productive use for the fall supper leftovers. The whole point of Food Day is to get people thinking differently about their food and how our own choices affect others. Making use of leftovers to help raise funds to face hunger is a real good way of bringing that lesson home.

Food Day Cookies and Nanaimo Bars

There were also some sweet treats to top off the soup lunch.

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