Saint Mark’s Fall Supper

Late last month I wrote a post listing as many fall suppers in Winnipeg as I could find. Among them are two for parishes I’m connected with. The first of these was last Saturday at the parish of Saint Mark’s. Saint Mark’s is located on St. Mark’s place, just off of St.Mary’s Road south of where St. Anne’s splits off. I’ve been working there for what is approaching three years now.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the parish. The celebration for Saint Mark’s anniversary took place earlier this year including a dinner at the Norwood Hotel.That was an enjoyable dinner, but there’s something about a dinner prepared by the members of the parish that makes it all a little bit tastier.

In addition to this being a Fall Dinner, Saint Mark’s adds an auction to go along with the meal. As you can see in the pictures below there was a variety of items that were up for bids.

Saint Mark’s Dinner Menu

While turkey is a common theme at this time of year, Saint Mark’s goes with a ham dinner. The menu for this years dinner included ham, scalloped potatoes, turnip and carrots, coleslaw and a roll. The chef for the evening was Frank Janz who along with cooking the main ingredients also provided a wonderful sweet mustard sauce to go with the ham. Cooking for almost a hundred people is a major task and many thanks go to Frank, and his wife Andrea for taking on the bulk of this work.

When I hear people talking about fall suppers, one of the things that always comes up is the desserts. General rule, the more desserts the better the supper. In this regard Saint Mark’s was certainly a very good supper. There were so many pies,etc. out that I couldn’t count them all, but it was pretty close to a ratio of two pieces for every guest. You can’t go wrong with that. On top of that, almost all the desserts on offer had been prepared by members of the parish.

The only thing about the desserts which caught me by surprise was that there wasn’t a single piece of pumpkin pie. Now, I know a lot of people like pumpkin pie, but given my dislike of pumpkin this made the Saint Mark’s dinner that much better. I limited myself to only one piece of dessert. A gluten-free lemon-meringue angel food cake. It was terrific, especially the meringue.

Once the dessert was served people sat back and relaxed, while Rev. Steven Scribner and myself conducted the auction. There was a lot of laughter shared, and quite a bit of money was raised. When all was said and done, the fall supper at Saint Mark’s made for an enjoyable and joyful evening. Now, all I need to do is get rested up and get myself ready for the St. Philip’s Roast Beef Dinner on November 11.


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