Raclette for Thanksgiving Dinner

I don’t know how you feel about traditional meals for holidays, but I can take them or leave them. Some, like pumpkin pie, I wish would disappear forever. I enjoy my turkey, but since you can always get a small U-grade one cheap, I often just by one for myself to roast. Thanksgiving is always a little non-traditional, as it’s also a birthday celeberation. My birthday is the twelfth and my sister-in-law’s is the thirteenth. So, we combine all of that into one event. This year, for Thanksgiving with my brother and family we went totally non-traditional as we enjoyed our meal cooked over a Raclette grill.

Raclette is both a a type of cheese and a type of dish. Traditionally the cheese for dish is melted over an open fire, but in contemporary times table top Raclette grills have been created.

Raclette Components:

In addition to the cheese there are several other common components used in serving Raclette. Small potatoes, gherkins and sweet onions are traditional. As well, various dried meats are served. Our dinner featured pepperoni and prosciutto. We also added shrimp. Along with the potatoes we had baby corn and asparagus for grilling.

There were also a few other vegetables that we used both for grilling and for dipping. For the dip my sister-in-law made a wonderful lemon aioli that was full of flavour with a nice zip to it. Then there was an egg, cheese and vegetable mixture that we made into individual omelets using the coupelles. Finally, we had sliced up baguette which we ate both plain and grilled.

One of the enjoyable things about the Raclette, is that it is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. I’m a big fan of the Slow Food movement and this fits right in. In a traditional setting such a meal might last several hours. The idea being that there’s plenty of time allowed for conversation. We didn’t take quite that long to have our dinner. However, we did enjoy slowing the meal down.

The grill we used served six. I don’t know if you can find larger grill. You could certainly share it you had more than six people. In fact if you were wanting to slow the meal down a little, that would work really well. The grill we were using had 8 coupelles, so you could serve 8 and still give each person there own coupelle.

Oh, and as for that other tradition? The Pumpkin pie one? Dessert was a nice, big piece of Chocolate Creme pie. (I ate it so quick there’s no picture). Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for such a great meal. Thanks also for the birthday present cookbook.


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