Extreme Pita Kenaston

I don’t spend much time in the Kenaston Common area. I have visited Supper Central on a couple of occasions, but given that the area is pedestrian and transit unfriendly, it’s not high on my destination list. Recently though, I’ve had the odd opportunity to be in the area, and have gone for lunch at the Extreme Pita located there.

Extreme Pita is not new to me, as I have visited the one by the University of Winnipeg in the past. However, that was quite a while ago. One of the things that I remember from that location was that the pita had a tendency to fall apart because they were stuffed so full.


The pita I had the first time I was at the Kenaston location didn’t seem quite so full, although the one my lunch partner had was fuller(largely more lettuce). On the second visit I had the grilled flatbread pita. Essentially a pizza on pita. My lunch partner on this occasion had the chicken teriyaki pita, and it too was very fully stuffed.

Extreme Pita plays up the freshness and health value of their foods. I’ll give them fairly high marks on the freshness, but advise taking any of their healthiness claims with a pinch of skepticism. I’d say with a pinch of salt, but that would open a whole nutritional can of worms.


 Extreme Pita Dishes:

The picture above is of the deluxe grilled flat bread pita. As you can see there are plenty of toppings. I was particularly impressed by the amount of cheese there was on the pita. It was well melted and drippy as it should be.


All three of the pita that we had were quite good. I had the Chipotle Steak Pita the first time I went. On the whole I liked the flavour, but would have liked a little more spice. Of the three pita tried this was the least stuffed, but still had plenty of filling. The other two pita that were tried were the Caesar, and the Chicken Souvlaki. While both tasted good, there was too much romaine, in large, hard to chew pieces.

The Grilled Flat Bread was $7.99, while all the pita we tried were the small $6.49 size. Without any side, these still make for a nice, filling lunch, and if you were to order them in the combination platter, you would get quite a good size lunch for around $10.00.

On the whole, Extreme Pita offers a good, fresh lunch at a reasonable price. The service was fast and friendly, and the last time we were there, we were also wished a good day as we were leaving the restaurant.


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