Leftovers From Food Truck Wars

ManyFest is over for another year. With the end of ManyFest comes the end of the Food Truck Wars. Just like a meal often leaves leftovers, so to there are leftovers from this event.

Despite a bit of an inauspicious start, the weekend seemed to go over real well. I was back at the Food Truck Wars on Sunday and by four o’clock, several trucks had already reached the point where the were sold out. I didn’t make it Saturday, but a friend told me that the trucks all sold out Saturday, as well. Given that twenty-five trucks participated that’s a huge number of meals sold. The downside to that was that there were more trucks than you could reasonably make it through during the course of the weekend. Peg City Grub used two people to make it through all the trucks for judging purposes. This will also be the eventual location for finding out who won.

I reviewed both Grass Fed Grill and Up South barbeque. Still, I had some leftovers that don’t qualify for full posts on their own. One of them, the Island Taco from Island fusion I included in my Friday post, which is linked to above. There were a few others that I thought I’d take out of the blogger refrigerator and serve them up here.


I’ll start with dessert. Despite the presence, especially on Sunday, of several mini donut trucks, they weren’t my dessert. Instead, I opted for Baklava from the new Greek Town truck(website under construction). There were problems in the kitchen that prepares it Friday, and I had to wait until Sunday to finally taste it. It was definitely worth the wait. Their was plenty of syrup to sweeten the pastry and the nutty filling was very dense and crunchy. At $5.00 the portion was a little small, but in the future I’d make it an occasional item. Perhaps the most basic item I tried was the burger from the Road Runner Grill. It struck me as being a frozen patty that they started with. That being said it was an above average patty. At $4.00 dollars for the no frills burger, it still makes for a pretty good deal. The final item on my list is a piece of fish from the Walleye Wagon. They offer one and two piece combos of fish, chips and coleslaw for $10.and $15.00 respectively. That was outside both my budge and my caloric capacity, so I decided to try the single piece of fish for $5.00. The Walleye Wagon fish is served with a panko breading, rather than a traditional flour one. This leaves it with a very crisp, and yet very thin coating. Often breaded fish is 50-50 when it comes to the amount of breading vs the amount of fish. This portion of fish was 90% fish. As I said, I didn’t order the combo, but I did get to see a couple of them, and they were definitely a good value for your money, as they were loaded with chips along with the fish.

That takes care of my leftovers. I hope next year ManyFest returns to more of a sampling format for Food Truck Wars. It was a good idea getting rid of the tickets, but smaller sized items would give people the opportunity to try a wider variety of trucks. I noticed on the Sunday that Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez did go to the sample sizes. As with their regular priced and sized items, there was still plenty of for.

That’s it for ManyFest, I hope those who came to the food trucks for the first time, find a way to make them a part of their routine. Until next year, keep on truckin’.



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