Grass Fed Grill

Grass Fed Grill is one of the newer trucks in Winnipeg. I first saw it at the Red River Ex. When I saw it there, it was promoting a variety of Manitoba products. Now it is selling burgers. As the name suggests, the truck is focused on selling burgers from cows that are being grass fed in the pasture.

Grass Fed Grill truck.
The side of the Grass Fed Grill Truck. Emphasizing their social media.

Gas Fed Grill is one truck that I’ve been having a little trouble tracking down. The first time I tried them was at MEME2014. I was able to order on the Saturday, but when I went Sunday, the truck was there but empty. Then Friday I went to ManyFest, and when I got to the truck, it turned out to that they had not gotten their Hydro. Finally, this afternoon I got to make a second trip. These are my thoughts.


This is the Grass Fed Grill’s weakest area. Burgers are $8.00 each and while I appreciate that grass fed beef is more expensive the patties are too small for a burger that price. I think they would be better off charging $10.00 and making the burger larger. Also, despite order a burger with a the toppings, it was mainly lettuce. Fries at $2.00 dollars and yam fries at $4.00 are adequate size. You can also get add-ons for cheese etc., but they also increase the cost. 3.5/5

Grass Fed Grill Combo
The Spicy Crunch burger combo from Grass Fed Grill. The patty is good, but lacking in size.



There are generally four different burgers on the menu, along with the french fries and the yam fries. One of these is the Buff (named for Winnipeg Jet Dustin Byfuglien) burger, which contains two patties of beef. With the various add-ons such as cheese and bacon however, you can customize your burgers several ways. 4/5


The most important part of any burger is the patty. Grass Fed Grill does a great job with these. They are really flavourful, The buns on the other hand don’t befit the quality of the beef. 4.25/5


The burgers usually are served in a deep dish, that allows for the burger to rest nicely inside of it. On Sunday at ManyFest they were also serving the burger and fry combinations together in plastic containers. 4/5


On both occasions I found the service to be friendly and efficient. When I ordered on Sunday they told me that I would have a bit of a wait before I got my order. This wasn’t surprising as the customer immediately in front of me ordered seven burgers. On top of that the order was ready in the time limit that they said it would be. 4.5/5

Grass Fed Grill Overall:

This truck makes a good burger. I think it would be better if they found away to make the patty bigger. Not a truck I would visit on a regular basis. However, it is worth your while to make a visit if you get the chance.

Grass-Fed Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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