MAKE Coffee + Stuff

Last weekend I was at the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. Winnipeg serving as host of the event shows how far coffee culture in Manitoba has come. I’ve had the chance to try many of the new places. One that I visited last year but haven’t been back to is MAKE Coffee + Stuff on Corydon. MAKE is nestled in a small store front locale, and offers a quiet break from the general bustle of the Corydon Avenue strip.

Make Coffee Front Window

While offering many of the same beverages as many other coffee bars, it’s the Stuff that separates MAKE Coffee + Stuff from the others. First off is their funky lighting system. A variety of spotlights, etc. hanging from a frame on the ceiling. Secondly, MAKE Coffee has regular installations and displays from the people they refer to as their makers. Whether or not they all work there as Baristas or not, I haven’t been frequently enough to know.

Make Coffee Lighting

Make Coffee Menu

Last year when I went, their was a selection of pottery that was on display. This time there were a series of cards hanging along one of the walls. Make is a big space, which allows for a variety of types of displays, without crowding out the customers. With different works on display at different times, MAKE Coffee also feels familiar and new at the same time. This space, larger than the other coffee bars in Winnipeg, also gives you more room and a feeling of privacy when you are at a table.

Make Coffee Seating

Enough Stuff: MAKE Coffee’s Coffee

Of course, fun design and great displays are nice, but the important part of a coffee bar is the coffee. While there is a lot of interesting stuff, MAKE Coffee has made sure to focus on the the coffee itself. They offer most of the coffees you will find at other coffee bars. Chemex, Pour Over, Americano, Latté, etc.

I went for the Americano the first time. It’s not quite as strong as some of the others I have tried, but it still comes through reasonably well. While I prefer my Americano stronger, I did like the fact that this one gave smooth flavour throughout, without leaving an aftertaste. I had a Cappuccino on my second visit. I found this to have a slightly stronger coffee taste, with the just a hint of sweetness from the milk. This is a combination I like.Make Coffee

There is also coffee and tea available to take with you from home use. These are their suppliers.


Anchor: Fernwood Coffee Company
Second: Pilot Coffee Roasters De Mello Palheta
RegionalOther Brother RoastersFlatland Coffee Roasters


O5 Tea

It’s always nice if there is something to nibble on if you so choose. The selection here wasn’t all that large. They did however have a couple of nice cookie choices. High Tea Bakery is the cookie supplier. I had the Chocolate Crescent. This had a good chocolate flavour and was not overly sweet. I had it with the Cappucino, but think it would go even better with the Americano, especially if, like me, you drink your Americano black. They also carry baked goods from Stella’s.

High Tea Chocolate Crescent Cookie at Make Coffee

MAKE Coffee + Stuff is a good place to sit down for a quiet cup of coffee by yourself, or for a pleasant visit with friends.

MAKE / Coffee + Stuff on Urbanspoon


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