Food Truck Power Rankings-2014


Today marks the beginning of the ManyFest Food Truck Wars.  Since I originally published this post, I was only able to finish one of the three trucks I still wanted to review. That was Waki Temaki. If you scroll down you will find where they rank. I never found UpSouth, and only made one trip to Grass Fed Grill. I hope I can remedy that this weekend.

If you see me at ManyFest, stop by and say hello. Also, if you try any of the trucks over the weekend and would like to leave your opinions, just post a comment on the site. I will respond to it.

Food Truck Rankings in this Post are provisional.  There are some new trucks I haven’t gotten to and some I hope to revisit before ManyFest.

This is my second Power Rankings post for the Winnipeg Food Truck scene. I wrote one at the start of ManyFest last year. My explanation of power rankings is in that post. Since yesterday marked the roll out of the 2014 Food Truck Wars, I thought it once time to post a new one. ManyFest Food Truck wars run from September 5-7. This year there will be a new truck atop my rankings. Last year’s champ On A Roll decided that they wouldn’t operate this year.

There will be a couple of trucks not listed. Since almost all the food trucks are in the competition I will only including the ManyFest. If a truck isn’t on here, you still should try it out when you see it. Like with the Le Garage truck last year, trucks that I haven’t visited will be given a N/R (not ranked) rating. These are the trucks I hope to get to before ManyFest. That means that means Beaujena’s, Mikky’s, Sis ‘n Me. and Extreme Fries are not on the list. Still check them out if you can.

Please remember, that although a truck may land on the bottom of the power rankings, you should still give it a try. This is meant to be fun. Plus, it’s skewed towards my favourites.

Food Truck Power Rankings: 2014

1.) Poutine King

I commented last year that this truck would rate higher for me if it was on Broadway more. Also in addition to great food, makes good use of Social Media to promote the truck.


2.) Red Ember

Dividing time between Broadway and the St. Norbert’s Farmers Market. Red Ember has quickly become a fan favourite. Also, North America’s biggest food truck.

3.) Pimp My Rice

Great selection of Filipino favourites. Great choices for mix and match on the menu. Pimp My Rice continues to be hot.

4.) Little Bones Chicken Wingery

One of the early entries into Winnipeg’s burgeoning food truck scene. This truck has been so successful that it has spawned a restaurant.

5.) Island Fusion

This truck has made a great debut with it’s modern, Canadian take on Caribbean classics. I might have even put it at No. 1, but I think it needs to stick around a little longer before it can be moved up.

6.) Vilai’s Spice Box

If you clicked on the link for the 2014 Food Truck Wars at the top of the page you’ll see that this truck did really well. This may even be a little too low for them. This is one place that may require a re-visit.

7.) Tot Wheels

The Tot Wheels truck can sometimes be easy to miss as they hang out on the east end of Broadway. If you haven’t ventured much east of Donald(what a great name for a street), make sure you do and try this one.

8.) Burgers R Us

Another recent debut truck. Real good home made burgers. They might rank higher with a little more time on the street and if they develop a web presence of some sort.

9.) Simba Safari Grill

Another newcomer. A taste of Africa comes to the streets of Winnipeg. Really good, but I think it’s still a bit of a work in progress. Not quite a great food truck yet. I’m ranking it up here based partly on it’s potential.


10.) Lovey’s BBQ & Smokehouse

The 10th place ranking speaks in part to the fact that this truck isn’t out as often as some, and in part to the quality of the new food trucks hitting the street. Still, love the BBQ Poutine.

11.) Barbie & Gabi’s Speciateez

I think the best food value out on the street. Portion sizes enormous. Plus their chimney cakes are great.

12.) Stuff-it

Another one where the ranking is as much a reflection on the quality of the new trucks as anything. They’ve spent a good portion of the summer in from of the Hydro Building on Portage. Good, filling sandwiches here.

13.) Habanero Sombrero

This is one where reader feedback is part of the drop in review. A few people have commented on higher prices and less product. The tacos themselves though, are always fresh which is a good thing in any food truck.

14.) Healthy Eats

This wasn’t one of my favourites, but I am going to try and give it another opportunity in the next few weeks. Still, there aren’t a lot of food trucks with this strong a focus on healthy food as Healthy Eats.

15.)  Waki Temaki

While I found the Sushi to be pretty good, I also found them to be a little on the pricy side. In a city with loads of good value Sushi restaurants that’s a hard sell. Check out their Twitter feed.

16.) A Little Pizza Heaven:

Good pizza, but not in the same category as Red Ember as far as using quality, fresh ingredients for the toppings. Like Little Bones, they also have a storefront location.

17.) Iggy’s Family Doener:

While I like the food here. I’m dropping them down, because they don’t have the greatest variety, and there are times when this food truck is a little hard to find. Having said that, if you are in the mood for Doener, you might want to take the time to seek them out.

18.) Fired Up Pizza

This is one case where something other than the food affects the ranking. Both times I’ve been I’ve found the service to be exceedingly slow.


19.) Falafel Queen:

When it comes to power rankings, one truck has to come on the bottom. Falafel Queen is that food truck. As I’ve already said, though, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give this place a try. One of the great things about the food truck scene in Winnipeg is that it is filled with great variety and possibility.

The untried:

(N/R) Up South BBQ

I’ve heard about this truck and I’ve had friends tell me how much they enjoyed it. No website appears available.

(N/R) Grass Fed Grill

I’ve seen this truck, and tried it once. I’ll do my review after ManyFest.  You can find them on Facebook.

If you have your own set of rankings. Please feel free to list them in the comments. You can rank them all or just leave a top 5 or top 10 list. I’ll take reader rankings into consideration when I do the updated version.



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