Casa Bella Deli-Market

Casa Bella is no longer in business, as is the case with it’s replacement, The Grand Central Market.

I’ve been venturing in and out of the Forks a little more in the last few weeks. There are often events going on. It was my go to place for watching the World Cup. Plus, when it comes to food there are all sorts of little surprises.The dining runs from Food Court to fine dining (Sydney’s) and everything in between. One of the little surprises is Casa Bella Deli and Marketplace.

Casa Bella is one of those places that I have habitually walked past. Perhaps it’s all the years I worked in a grocery store, but I’ve never found the grocery stalls at the Forks all that appealing. The fruit and vegetables is generally supplied by the same companies that supply the chains. As a result I’ve haven’t noticed the meals to go section. Recently I decided to pay it a little more attention.

My first discovery was made in the little cooler to the side of the counter. I discovered a beef and mushroom pie that was reduced. I figured it was worth a try and so I bought it. Turned out to be a real good pie. The meat was well cooked. The gravy was rich and flavourful. I ate the pie as I was walking home, and found that it held together really well without making a mess. It was also cold rather than reheated when I ate it, and the pie works really well cold. The pie’s regular price is $3.99 which is good. I paid $2.00 which was fantastic.

I also tried the chicken and taters. This is essentially a quarter chicken with potatoes. There is no vegetable, but the two items come to $4.99 a real good buy. That said, it would be nice if the chicken was a little better cooked as it was a little string and chewy. The flavour was nice, as the sauce it was cooked in tasted a little similar to the Swiss Chalet BBQ sauce. The taters were well seasoned and there was a good sized serving.

There are several other items available to eat in. In particular they advertise Spaghetti Marinara with garlic toast and a canned beverage for $5.99. In addition there are several substantial sized take home entrees.  These are in the $13-15 range.Of course, one likes to be able to top of a nice meal with a good dessert.  Casa Bella offers a wide variety of sweets. These include such Italian classics such as Cannoli and Balos.  You can also get a real fine pecan tart. The tart is thick and gooey as opposed to runny, with a nice large pecan right smack dab in the middle.

Casa Bella Summary

Casa Bella is the kind of place that you might want to search around to see if you can find some grocery or produce bargains or specialties. However, the best thing to do is head on over to the counter and check out the meals offered. The food is good and reasonably priced. The service is quick and friendly. Their are a few seats and tables right out front, or you can wander off with your food to the more wide open spaces. If your in the mood for a sweet snack, you might consider grabbing a coffee at Espresso Junction, then heading over to Casa Bella to pick up one of their sweet desserts.


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