Broadway Farmers Market

Broadway, between the Legislature and Main Street has become the home of Winnipeg’s Food Truck scene. Some days you’ll find up to a dozen lined up there. This week the numbers are down a little. It’s Folk Fest time,and some of the trucks will be selling their goods out in Birds Hill. While the trucks are away, a new food venture debuted Monday. The Broadway Farmers Market adds take home food options to the food trucks.

The Broadway Farmers Market is the third Farmers Market in the downtown. The first downtown market began last year in front of the Hydro building.  This year it has been joined by the market at Knox United, and this new one on Broadway in front of the Worker’s Compensation Building.

Broadway Farmers Market in front of Worker's Compensation Building.Judging from appearances, the Broadway Farmers Market is a little smaller than the one in front of the Hydro Building.  That said, there was still a fairly good variety of vendors on hand. The market is very well late out making it relatively easy for shoppers to move from one vendor to another.

Right now the fruit and vegetables are still a little slow in coming in.  All the rain that  Manitoba’s had in the last little while has slowed the growth and harvesting of crops.  Still there are several stands that mix in fruit and vegetables with process goods.  As well Wiens Farm has a small stand there.  I was part of the Good Food club in West Broadway one summer, and the produce their came from Wiens Farms.  All of their crops are grown without any pesticides or other chemicals.

A Few of the Broadway Farmers Market Vendors

A new place I ran into was Forever Prairie, who sell a wide variety of preserves.  Forever Prairie is one vendor that is at the Broadway Farmers Market that isn’t at the Hydro one. I’ve seen Barb’s Kitchen out at St. Norbert, where they have a much larger space and sell perogies to eat as you wander the site.  Jill Tanner maker of Thrive Bars, and this years winner of the Great Manitoba Food Fight for her Jamore fruit spread, is someone worth visiting if you are at the market.

I used to work on Broadway, and I would have loved a market like this during my time there.  Kudos to the Downtown Biz for encouraging the development of these markets.

Broadway Farmers Market Sign


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