JustEat Online Ordering & Giveaway

The JustEat giveaway has ended.  JustEat will be notifying the winner shortly. Once the winner has claimed their prize I will be announcing it here.  Thank you to all who entered.

*JustEat provided a credit in exchange for trying their service. In no way was a positive review a condition of this credit.  Opinions expressed below are solely those of the author.

JustEat or more fully, Don’t Cook,Just Eat is the second online ordering company I’ve had the opportunity to try this month. As more people are online than ever, it makes sense that they would want to be able to order food online. People also value choice more than ever. So, it would make sense to have a service that offers many choices in one place.

That is one of the real strengths of sites like JustEat.  You can quickly scan through a wide variety of choices in a short time.  The website is designed to make moving back and forth between different restaurants easy for you.

The formula is simple.  Enter your Postal Code.  Choose the restaurant you would like to order.  Go through the menu and add the items you wish to eat. If you want delivery there is an option for tipping right at the top.

The layout of the site is easy to navigate.  There is a running total at the side of the menu to tell you how much you are spending as you order.  You can pay by bank card, credit card or cash.  I particularly like the last option.  The best part is, as long as you haven’t clicked on payment, you can easily go back and change anything on your order. If you make a mistake you can always get in touch with JustEat through live chat.  If you need to change the food, you are given the contact number for the restaurant once the order is confirmed.

As soon I registered with the site I went about placing my first order.  I quickly ran into my first problem.  It turns out I had entered my credit incorrectly.  I logged into the live chat and that was quickly sorted out.  Next, when I placed my order it was turned down by the restaurant.  Again JustEat was on the issue very quickly.  It turns out the place I had ordered from didn’t have a driver available.

Again this didn’t turn out to be much of a problem.  Within a couple of minutes I had received a call from JustEat asking if I wanted to take a later delivery or just have the order cancelled.  As the wait would be quite long, I simply cancelled the ordered.

I decided I’d try again at supper.  This time I placed my order with Pasquale’s on Marion. When my order was confirmed I was told I would receive my food by 6:55.  The driver called my cell about 5 minutes before that and I was able to go down and get my order. The hot food was hot, while the salad was nicely chilled.


The next day I ordered again.  This time I went with the pickup mode.  Good service on pickup orders is important to me, as I mentioned in my post on Thida’s.  On this occasion I placed my order with Waves restaurant which is located on Kennedy and Ellice where the International Youth Hostel used to be.  I order my food to be ready by 5:00pm.  I got there at 4:55 and it was ready for me within a couple of minutes.


While JustEat did a good job looking after me when the one restaurant didn’t have a driver available, I think one thing I’d like to see improved in general, is more lunch time options. I’m more likely to want to order in over the lunch hour.  Plus, it’s the time of day when quickness is most important.  Still, JustEat is definitely worth trying.  Not only that, they want to make it easier for you to try the service.

JustEat 25% off promotion:

JustEat is really hoping that people will get on board with their service.  To help with this they are currently running a 25% off promotion on their site.  The 25% off is on food and beverages only(taxes, tips and delivery charges not included).  The discount is taken off as you are adding each item to your order.

This works out to a real good bargain, especially if you are ordering in to feed a whole family.

JustEat Giveaway:

JustEat is really interested in giving people the opportunity to try their service.  So, they’ve told me that they are willing to give away a $50.00 online voucher to the winner of the contest I am running.  The contest runs until the end of July, and the details on how to enter are all listed below.  Once the contest is over, JustEat will be getting in touch with the winner in order to award the prize.


There is a daily entry option.  So take some time to enter, and come back to enter again and again.



  1. We love Chinese 🙂 But I am also a big BBQ smokehouse fan, just don’t see them deliver as often.


  2. I hear you about the lunch time rush! Have you tried the other one, skipthedishes.ca? I used them for lunch for that exact reason. Way more options and super easy. Good review, ciao!


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