Midway Food at Red River Ex Evolving

Midway farmers sign
A sign advertising the summer farmers markets held at the Exhibition grounds

Having done it once before I wondered if there would be enough variety to try it again.  No fear.  I tried three new places this year, and there were a few more that I will mention that I didn’t get around to trying.

Midway entreance
Entrance to the Red River Exhibition and the midway

Most of the best are located in the Expressway, but keep your eyes open as you go along the midway for places like Extreme Fries aka Lorrie’s Lunchbox.  Extreme Fries sister truck, BBK is in the Expressway. If you are a fan of the Half Moon, they are new as well. There are other places out on the midway that are worth a second look as well.

One of the ways that the Expressway is changing is that the food available is more representative of Manitoba’s cultural diversity.  The first food I ordered was from a truck specializing in Portuguese cuisine. I thought I had taken a picture of the truck but I didn’t.

I spoke with the operators and they said they may try and hit the downtown streets for a bit once the Ex was over. This would be appropriate as Broadway seems to be becoming a sort of food truck midway downtown.

I tried a macaroni dish, that included beans, sausage, potato and little bit of spicy pepper flake.  Overall the taste quite good, but the macaroni didn’t seem to have been drained quite well enough and was a little soggy.  The portion size was quite large.  So, give this truck a try either at the Ex or on the street.  If for no other reason than for the bun that comes with the meal.  It was large, light and flaky.

Macaroni on the midway.
My macaroni dish from the midway.


While I was finishing off the bun, I wandered over and had a chat with Derek, the owner of Poutine King.  It was at last year’s Ex that I discovered this truck and he’s back again this year. Poutine seems to be the ideal food to eat while wandering the midway. Thankfully Poutine King makes poutine that’s ideal.

Another new truck is Simba Safari Grill.  This truck specializes in authentic African cuisine, and the owners are from Kenya.  I had the Jambo beef curry.  Nicely spiced.  Tender beef and potatoes that weren’t mushy.  This truck is going to be out at the Tuxedo Industrial Park later in the summer.  Do yourself a favour and head out to the Ex to catch them before then.


Finally I tried some wings from the Wing King.  Like the other two trucks he’s just starting out.  I tried the hot mango wings, and I would say, don’t worry he’s doing just fine.  Nice and crisp with a balance of sweet and heat.


If you’re worried about the toll this may be taking on your body.  Just stop inside the main exhibit hall, and have a chat with a registered dietitian.  You’ll learn something and might even get some healthy fruit to go along with it.

New Midway enhances Old Midway

Getting back to more traditional midway fare. You may be wondering about the corn dogs, the mini doughnuts, the caramel apples, shaved ice, etc.  Don’t worry there all there.  The new foods aren’t here to replace the old ones.  We just get to take advantage of the cooking skills that new members of our communities bring to us. This is the definition of win-win.  Now if only the midway games were all win-win. hmmm.



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