Hanabi Japanese Restaurant

Hanabi Japanese restaurant is another one that has closed since I did my review. 

Wednesday’s meal at Hanabi Japanese Restaurant, was one that combined two of my favourite things.  Eating sushi, and dining with friends.  I’ve wrote in the past of the supper club that I occasionally join in with.. I’ve been out with them a few times.  A couple of them I’ve written about.  Once at the King’s Head, and once at North Garden.

My Wednesday’s in the new job have been fairly full, so it’s been awhile since I last joined the group for a meal.  However, last night I was free and so was glad to be able to meet up with them again.

Holding the dinner at Hanabi Japanese Restaurant was an added bonus.  It’s been some time since I last did a review of a restaurant which featured sushi prominently on it’s menu.  Wednesday was half price roll night, and two of the organizers got together to pre-order a selection of rolls.  This turned out real well, as by the time we were all assembled, we only had to wait a few minutes for the rolls to appear.

Tempura from Hanabi

Hanabi Dishes

There was a good mix among the rolls.  Being ordered beforehand, they weren’t at the peak of their freshness, but were still quite fresh.  Given the size of our group (about 15) this seemed like a worthwhile trade off.  As you know if you read my reviews regularly, the dynamite roll is one of my benchmark dishes.  This dynamite roll would rank above average among the ones I’ve tried.  The shrimp, the centerpiece of a dynamite roll, was suitably plump and moist.  Another standout roll, not pictured, was a maki roll with spinach.  I also really like the yam roll.While we were sharing the rolls, people put in individual orders to round out their meals.  Most ordered more rolls.   A couple of people order tempura dishes.  I order a miso soup (another benchmark dish)  and a Nabeyaki Udon soup.  I found the Miso soup, pictured above, to be quite good.  The broth was rich, there was plenty of bits of tofu and greens in it as well.  The only drawback was that I found it a little salty for my liking.  Though, as I’ve said before, I’m not a big salt user. Too much salt was also a feature of the Udon soup, along with a bit too much fat.  However, overall the soup was very flavourful.  For the chicken they used thigh meat instead of breast.  There was throughout plenty of solid bits to go with the broth.  This soup would make a good lunch all by itself.

Sushi from Hanabi
A tray of assorted sushi from Hanabi

My friend Philip ordered the Tempura dishes.  He thought it quite flavourful.  However, he said the tempura batter wasn’t a melt in the mouth as he had experienced.  As well the ingredients being wrapped up were on the thin side.

Hanabi Service and Summary

Given that it was a half price evening at the restaurant I thought the service was well above average.  Not only did we get all our food, not just the pre-orders, in quite good time, we also got refills on wasabi paste, ginger, and soy sauce without too much difficulty.  This was with our server taking care of several other tables as well as our fairly large group,

I think Hanabi would make a good sushi place to visit at anytime.  If you choose to go on Wednesday for the half price rolls it moves into the great category.  Put Hanabi on your list of places to go.



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