Easter Feast All Day

Yesterday at St. Philip’s we celebrated the Easter feast.  It was a wonderful day. We rejoiced in the resurrection of Jesus. We welcomed a new member into the family through baptism. Then we gathered around the Lord’s Table to mark the Easter Feast with Holy Eucharist.

After the service, we adjourned to the basement parish hall for an Easter feast of another sort.  St.Philip’s has become the parish home to several families from Pakistan.  Over the last few years it has become their tradition to prepare a meal for the parish on Easter.  This meal consists of a mixture of traditional Pakistani and Canadian dishes.

The pictures above only showcase a little of the food that had been laid out for the meal.  There were also meatballs and pasta salad, green salad, and rice. Along with beverages,  there was a rice pudding style dessert. This was made with rice vermicelli instead of white rice. Plus, in a nod to Canadian culture, some Tim Horton’s Doughnuts.  Thanks must go to the Akhiazar family, and particularly Diana for preparing such a fantastic meal.

This food was as good as anything you would find in a restaurant.  I enjoyed it so much I didn’t get a picture of my first plateful because I couldn’t wait to dig in.  I had really piled on the chickpeas on my firs plate, because they had the most kick to them.

However, by the time I got my second plate, I was able to slow down enough to take a photo.  You’ll notice it even contains a bit of the green salad. That was my cursory nod to healthy eating during my Easter feast.

Easter Feast Continued

Feast days like Easter are days meant for family.  I spent the first part of it with my new birth family. I concluded the day with members of my original birth family.  This later meal was held at my brother’s house.  This meal was more traditional, but equally excellent.  The menu featured lamb(a favourite), potatoes, carrots and individual peach cobblers for dessert.

The lamb was particularly good.  It was locally raised on a grass diet and given the freedom to roam.  As a result, the meat was tender and not over strong in flavour.  Coupled with a beautifully set table, and the pleasure of family, it made for a fine end to a wonderful and busy day.

All in all it was great Easter feast. It was also very filling. My day had started with the St. Margaret’s sunrise service at 6am. So, I went to bed early.  Full and contented.


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