Marcello’s – MB Hydro Building

I love buffets.  I  really love all you can eat buffets.  This can make things a little tricky when I eat at a pay by weight buffet, such as Marcello’s.  Marcello’s is located on Portage Avenue in the main floor of the MB Hydro Building.  They place the emphasis on the freshness of their buffet and on the whole they deliver.  They also describe themselves as a market, but it’s more convenience store than market from what I’ve observed.  That said, I’m focusing on the buffet and deli aspect in this review.

Marcello's buffet.
Some of the buffet choices at Marcello’s

Marcello’s Buffet Selection:

One thing that makes it tough not to over pile one’s plate at Marcello’s is the wide selection in the buffet.  I didn’t actually count, but I would guess there are over 30 different dishes available.  This doesn’t include the soup which you can buy by the bowlful.  There is a good selection of meat and vegetarian dishes.  The latter including several salad choices, as well as a selection of fresh fruit.

In keeping with the commitment to freshness, most of the dishes are not overcooked. The vegetables, while not particularly crisp, are at least not soggy and messy.  One gets a bit of a snap when biting into it.  The meats are moist although sometimes the pieces of chicken breast can be tending towards dry.

Another plus to the buffet, is that the dishes are on the whole not over-seasoned. This also means that they are not over-spiced.  So, if you like your food spicy you may need to find ways to spice it up.  .

One thing that I would like to see at Marcello’s is better marking on the food and of the prices.  I couldn’t see the prices on the menu, but judging from the fact that my 400 gram dinner came to just over $8.00, it appears to be around $1.89/100g.  I think they may be hanging over the aisles, but I found it difficult to read them.  This is worth keeping in my mind when adding meat to your meal.

I would also like to see better signage on the food itself.  You can find the items on the website, but not as you wander through.  I ended up with a seafood coleslaw on my plate.  I didn’t mind it, but I would have preferred to have known as I thought I was just getting a regular coleslaw.


Marcello’s Sandwiches and More

You can also get sandwiches and pizza from Marcello’s.  I haven’t tried the pizza, but I tried the Turkey Clubhouse.  These sandwiches come on 6″ bread, and with all the toppings that you would find at a Subway.  One thing that I enjoyed was that they used Romaine lettuce as opposed to Iceberg, and that spinach was available as a topping, adding a little extra healthy greenery.  While you may get a better price at Subway, the freshness here comes across a little better.

Marcello’s is definitely a good place to stop on your lunch downtown.  The space is bright and airy.  The food is fresh.  There’s enough variety that you can satisfy a wide range of tastes.  Marcello’s should also be commended for the fact that all of their dishes and cutlery are bio-degradable. Just one word of warning, if your in a really hungry mood, be prepared to pay a little bit more for your buffet.

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  1. More than one person on their first visit – myself included – were surprised that the container of food added up to $12, $16 or even $20! The second visit’s much more selective. The food’s always fresh though, the space is clean and bright, and the staff friendly. I’ve only tried the meatballs and Spicy Thai Chicken soup and quite enjoyed them both. The soup is a pretty good deal.


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