Cooking for Clergy

This week saw me sending a fair bit of time cooking in the church kitchen.  Actually that should say kitchens.  St. Philip’s Norwood has two.  The main one is down in the lower hall, and that’s where we hosted our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.  The supper was a great success.  We had people from several parishes join us and the room was filled with lively conversations and satisfied eaters.  The people of the parish of St. Philip’s did a great job of keeping things rolling as the turnout was larger than expected.  Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Cooking for Clericus

The second kitchen in the church is in the Memorial hall which is upstairs.  This is more of an apartment sized kitchen, but you can still prepare a meal there.  Two days after the pancake supper, I was hosting the Forts/Seine River Deanery Clericus.  A deanery is a grouping of parishes together for the purposes of administration and sharing of resources and iinformation. The Clericus is all the priests and deacons in a deanery.

Our deanery gets together once a month, but this is not the same for all the deaneries. Each time we get together the host parish provides lunch for the group. This time I was hosting and did the cooking.  I enjoy this, because being single, I’m not often cooking for others.  Besides, it gave me a chance to use up some pancake supper leftovers. I grabbed some vegetables and created a crustless quiche.


12 breakfast sausages

1/2 large Green Pepper

1 large Red Pepper

2 Sticks Celery

1 Leek (I kept the green parts for making soup later)

5 large white mushrooms

1 small zucchini

fresh tarragon

fresh savory

14 eggs

1/2 cup milk



I started by putting the sausages in the pan.  I had more pan than sausages, so I put all the sausages down one end, so that if anyone didn’t particularly like sausages they could avoid them.  I then set them cooking in the oven so they could brown and to let some of the fat drain out of them.


While I was doing that I put the vegetables together.  I chopped them up into fairly large chunks.  With the leek I tried to separate the outer circles so there would be smaller bits and not just large slices.  For the herbs, I slid them off the stalk and chopped them a little before adding them to the mix.


Once they were prepared, I pull the sausages from the oven and put the vegetable mix on top.  I took the eggs, milk, salt and pepper and whisked them together just until the yolks had mixed in with the whites.  I poured the egg mixture over the ingredients and put them in the oven to cook.  I gave them about 25 minutes at 300 degrees.  This cooked them, but I might have turned it up slightly higher to get rid of the excess water from the cooked vegetables.

When it was ready to serve I put some mixed greens with grape tomatoes and cucumbers for a salad, and then had bread from my neighbour down the street at Le Croissant.  This is what it ended up looking like on the plate.


There are still a few leftovers around, but March 16th is a Celebration of New Ministry Service at St. Philip’s, for me and Steven Scribner, our deacon associate.  This service will also involve St. Mark’s where Steven and I are both also serving.  We’re having a potluck afterwards, and I’m starting to get some ideas already.  The service is at 3:30 pm on the corner of Taché and Eugenie if you’re interested.



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