Wanabees: A-List Eatery

For many years, I was under the impression that Wanabees diner on Broadway was closed.  This was due to lack of information my part.  The knowledge I lacked was that Wanabees is a breakfast and lunch joint.  It seemed that I always went by at a later time.  Fortunately, when I was at the Raw:Almond brunch, the people I shared my breakfast with me told me otherwise.

Happily then, I was able to correct this dining oversight.  This one-woman show, owner Karen Ashley, is everything that you could want in a diner.  Okay, you might wish it was open 24-7, but that’s more than you can expect from one person.  As cook, server, dishwasher and register attendant, Ms. Ashley performs all these activities like a seasoned pro.  No wanabe is the owner of Wannabees.

Dining at Wanabees*

Of course the measure of any good diner is the food it serves.  Here, Wnabees excels. First of all in value.  You can easily get a meal at Wannabees, taxes included for under $10.00.  On top of that, this meal will carry you through the entire day if necessary.  Wannabees hits a home run on the portion size plus low price matrix.

*Take note wanabees is cash only

That home run becomes a grand slam when you factor in the quality. (sorry about the baseball metaphors, but spring training has started). This is home cooking as it should be.

On a couple of occasions, I’ve tried the breakfast option.  The first time I tried the three egg breakfast.  I also added a side of kulbasa with it.  This was almost more food than I could handle.  I enjoyed the crispy bacon, and the fact that the kulbasa was not greasy. The hash browns were shredded giving them a consistent cook throughout.  As enjoyable as this was, a two egg breakfast without the extra side makes for a more than satisfying breakfast.

A great portion for the three egg breakfast at Wannabees
A great portion for the three egg breakfast at Wanabees

The second breakfast I ordered was the omelet.  This comes with two fillings, I believe mushroom and cheese, but you can add extras for only $.70.  I didn’t ask if the two fillings could be substituted.  I added ham and green onion to mine.  Again, the food was well-cooked.  The eggs were fully cooked and there was no watery character to the inside filling. Another thing I appreciate is that nothing is over seasoned.wannabees-omelet-ham-cheese-mushroom-green-onion

Today when I was in I tried the bacon cheeseburger with fries and gravies.  This is a very good burger.  I liked the fact that I was able to get it with only mustard and onions. There are other options available.  I’ve never been a big fan of a whole lot of toppings on my burgers, though.  The burger was cooked throughout, and took up the whole bun.  I particularly like the fact that the ends of bacon hung over the edge of the bun.

The fries were homemade.  I opted for my gravy on the side as I enjoy the dipping.  However, the fries were well cooked enough that they could have held the burden of the gravy without going soggy.

bacon-cheeseburger-with-fries-and-gravycoffee-at-wannabeesAs a one person operation, you may find service a little bit slower at Wanabees than at other places.  I say, enjoy it.  While the owner does have her hands full, she keeps tabs very well on the various orders.  If you are really in need of a coffee refill, just get her attention and you’ll soon receive it.  Also, if you find yourself waiting a bit, take the time to check out the signs on the wall or to read the message on the blackboard.  They’re sure to add a little fun to your day.

If you’re like me and didn’t realize Wnnabees was in business, get down there at once and enjoy breakfast or lunch.

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