Gami Sushi- Portage Avenue

As you may know, if you read this blog semi-regularly, I really like sushi.  I’m always up for trying new sushi restaurants.  My most recent visit was to Gami Sushi on Portage Avenue, just by Evanson Street.

Gami Sushi has been at this location for a while, but I gather that the ownership is new.  They are certainly in the process of introducing a new menu.  In fact that last time I was there they had one item that had been written in with marker.

On my first trip I opted for their Bento Box Lunch special.  This box comes with two rolls, edamame, a salad, a couple of orange slices, along with a bowl of miso soup.  When I went I also received a piece of nigri sushi, that was a cappuccino glazed salmon(complimentary).  This was something they were thinking of putting on the new menu.  Unfortunately it didn’t make it.  Too bad, because the light cappuccino note added an interesting layer to the salmon flavour.  While this may seem odd, it was prepared in such a way that you received the cappuccino flavour on your first, which gave way to the salmon as you chewed.

Gami Sushi Bento
A bento box from Gami Sushi

The complimentary Salmon Nigri was not a one time experience.  Each time I have been to the restaurant there has been at least one complimentary item.  The last two times it was the Miso Soup.

Miso, Dynamite and Wakame

The soup itself is a rich, brothy, Miso that is as good as any that I’ve tried in various sushi places.  When I had the Bento Box, one of the rolls was the Dynamite.  I would rate the roll closer to the top of the Dynamite rolls I’ve tried.  The Wakame salad was pretty good, but doesn’t stand out in my mind for quality.

Gyoza dumplings from Gami Sushi
Gami sushi gyoza

On the other hand, I really like the Spicy Ramen Soup.  The one thing I would wish for would be the egg to be a little less cooked.  However the noodles were firm, and the broth delivered the requisite spicy kick without being overwhelming.

The tempura dishes are also really well done.  The coating is light and crispy and not so thick that it gets in the way of the interior ingredients.  The have their mushrooms listed under their Sushi Negri section in the menu.  So, look there if you want to give them a try.  I like the flavour of the pork filled Gyoza, but would like to see a little more of it in the dumplings.

Gami Sushi Summary

This is one sushi restaurant that you should definitely put on your list.  I t’s a pleasant setting.  The food is really good and so is the service.  Although, I need to qualify the latter, as the restaurant has never been really busy on my visits.  So, I can’t comment strongly on speed.  However, courtesy is definitely a service trademark at Gami Sushi.  If you haven’t already, put this place on your to visit list.

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