Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea

Winnipeg has seen the blossoming of several, small, boutique, coffee houses in the last two or three years.  It started with Parlour Coffee on Main Street.  Since then Parlour has launched Little Sister Coffee Maker.  There’s Make/Coffee and Stuff on Cordydon, Café Postal on Provencher, and Thom Bargen on Sherbrook

Blueberry Rooibos tea to go from Thom Bargen
Blueberry Rooibos tea to go from Thom Bargen

So far, Parlour and Thom Bargen are the only one’s I’ve paid multiple visits to.  There may also be some I’ve missed.  All the one’s I’ve visited have a degree of similarity, but also are a little bit different.  Design wise I like Little Sister Coffee Maker the best of them.  I think it’s the low slung ceiling that appeals to me.

Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea is a little bigger than some of the locations, but still with the same vibe.  One of its strengths is that there is more seating available.  Being an introvert,  I like my coffee time to be my alone time.  Thom Bargen also has a small upstair area that sets you apart from the majority of people.

There is a good selection of hand-crafted beverages available.  They make a strong Americano, I found the Blueberry Roiboos Tea a nice sweet alternative as a warm beverage to drink while waiting at the bus stop.  The Rwandan coffee I had today was good, but not as strong a flavour as I prefer.  However, that’s a matter of my taste preference, the coffee itself was still very well made.  My favourite drink at Thom Bargen’s has been the hot chocolate which was rich and creamy from start to finish.

Thom Bargen Americano
Thom Bargen Americano

If you want something to eat with your beverage, Thom Bargen’s has a selection of treats from Stella’s and Jonnie’s Sticky Buns.  These make a tasty accompaniment to you drink choices.

Apple turnover
Apple turnover

In the upstairs of the shop there is a selection of coffee related products available, along with what appears to be some form of clothing line.  I didn’t really pay close attention to this, as the fashion didn’t fit my style.  However, if that is your style, the merchandise looked to be high quality and worth checking.

The service I’ve received on my visits has friendly and efficient, which is all I generally ask for.  They are also community minded as, among other things, they have been supporting the newly established Bell Tower Community Café.  If you’re down the south end of Sherbrook, you should definitely stop in for a beverage at Thom Bargen.

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