Holy Trinity: Farewells & Food, Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about my time at L.C. Taylor, and the ways in which food had helped to define my time there.  Today marked another departure.  This time from Holy Trinity.  Holy Trinity Anglican Church was more than just a place I worked.  I entered the ordination path out of Holy Trinity.  When I wondered if I was on the right path it was the members of the parish who spurred me on.  I am where I am today due in no small measure to the people of the parish of Holy Trinity.


Like a lot of churches, food places a major role in the life of Holy Trinity.  Most notably is the Mission Ministry and its lunch program.  Yet there were also other food events in the life of the church. Our annual fall supper, a traditional Thanksgiving feast with a Caribbean twist.  If you’ve never done so, get yourself a ticket this coming fall.

Of course there were Sunday morning coffee times.  Seniors lunches were also done from time to time, and food was a large part of the Alpha program when it was run at Holy Trinity.  I also will never forget going out for lunch, in particular the times I spent with Merv the rector, and Merle, former parish administrator.  You along with Henry, Leigh, Bruce, Richard and Bev have done so much to mentor me.  These seven have been my main mentors, but many others have helped shape me for ministry.  However, the best food moments for me at least, were when the volunteers working in the church cooked up lunch and invited me to join.  I didn’t always do so, but when I did I knew I was going to get a great lunch.

Farewell Meal at Holy Trinity

Tonight, was time for one last meal with my friends at Holy Trinity. Fittingly it was a potluck supper, the quintessential church meal.  I don’t if it was co-ordinated as far as who would bring what (I only brought my appetite), but there was a well rounded variety.  As the pictures at the top show, there was nice blend of salads.  There were a couple of appetizer type dishes.  Then there were a wide range of entrees finished with a selection of desserts.


The pictures above don’t capture all of the dishes.  Unfortunately it’s hard to fill a play and keep the line moving while taking pictures.  While I didn’t get pictures of everything, I did sample and enjoy each of the dishes (the sacrifices a priest is required to make). Finally there was dessert.  I think the anticipation of dessert left my camera hand a little shaky.

Along with the usual coffee and tea as beverage choices I also got to try some sorrel.  You can find out more about it in the Wikipedia article about the plant it comes from.  I found it very sweet, yet still very refreshing.  Not the kind of sugary drink that leaves you thirsty after drinking it.  It was a real treat.

Of course, church dinners are always about more than the food.  They are a time for the community to strengthen the bonds of friendship.  For me, this meal was a time to receive affirmation from the parish that did so much to launch me into ordained ministry.

This dinner was a reminder, along with the generous gift they presented me and the kind words they spoke, of being held by powerful bonds of love and friendship. A reminder that I don’t walk into my new position alone.  I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.  For that I truly give thanks to God.


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