Farewells & Food, Part One

Tomorrow I start my new job as Priest at St. Philip’s along with assisting at St. Mark’s.  Today, I say farewell to L.C. Taylor.  Most of my time there has been doing tax preparation.  Seven years and about 3,800 returns later I’ve certainly had my fill.

Of course, I’m going to miss the many people that I’ve worked with.  I’m also going to miss the some of the food traditions that have been part of the job.

When I think of food and L.C. Taylor the first word that comes to mind is cake.  Every birthday, along with several departures were commemorated with cakes.  Below is a sample of just three of the many cakes I’ve enjoyed.

Along with the cakes there were also the wonderful office Christmas Lunches.  Gathering around cake or around lunch was always a time for fun conversations.  On birthdays, Bonnie, one of the trustees would take the lead in asking the honoree questions.  These would be along the line of any tattoos? Every been in the back of a police car?  FIrst boy/girlfriend?  These conversations were always punctuated with much laughter.

Farewell, but Not For Long

Of course, working on the corner of Donald and Broadway had other effects on my eating life.  It was while working here that I fell in love with food trucks.  The first of course was    J. T. Spring Rolls.

You can still find J. T. Spring Roll out occasionally at the St. Norbert’s Farmers Market, but like I am doing now, he has bid farewell to Broadway.  Fortunately their have been many wonderful additions.  If I were to pick my top three they would be Red Ember Pizza, On a Roll Sandwich Truck (no longer in business), and Poutine King.  I even had a little fun around ManyFest time doing a set of power rankings.  Poutine King rates higher on a personal level, because I’m not taking into account general public availability here.

It was pleasant last summer, to be able to order from one of the trucks and wander up and down the street or find a spot on a bench as I enjoyed my meal.  While I am leaving L.C. Taylor, I certainly will be finding away to support the food trucks.  As I told my co-workers, look for me on Broadway during summer lunch hours.

Not all my food experiences were as wonderful as my food truck ones.  I fell in and then out of love with Thida’s Thai.  I love their soups, especially when I get them spicy. However, too many times, I placed an order, was told I could pick it up in 20 miinutes, and when I got there had to wait another 20 minutes.  20 minutes waiting during a 30 minute lunch break is just too much.  My final time came, when having gone through that process, they produced my order and it was wrong.

Yet despite this, my memories of food while working at the corner of Donald and Broadway are some very happy ones.  I think my favourite will always be the fire alarm Starbucks run.  Whether it was during a drill, or because certain people we shared the building with didn’t know how to make microwave popcorn without setting off the alarm, these trips across the street to enjoy a beverage treat courtesy of our bosses, always made those alarms a little more bearable.

So it is farewell for now to my co-workers, I’m sure I’ll see you around and about.  It’s also a temporary farewell to all my favourite food trucks.  I’m moving into the St. Boniface-Norwood Flats area with my new role as St. Philip’s parish priest, so farewell to one place and food experiences mean hello to another one.



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