Finales Coffee House

Finales, sadly, is no longer in business

Finales, on the corner of St. Mary’s and Marion, describes itself as a coffee house.  As the picture below shows, coffee house is a bit of an undersell. While Finales has great coffee, coffee beverages and desserts, it’s also a great place to stop for a quick lunch or supper.

Finales is bright and well-lit with lots of windows.  It is also divided up into a couple of sections meaning there are little spots here and there if you are looking for a bit of privacy.  I like this when I am hoping to get a bit of work done while I’m enjoying coffee or lunch.

On my most recent visit I had the lunch special, which featured soup, sandwich and cookie for $8.99  The soup was a butternut squash that managed to be both light and creamy.  The sandwich was a well-stuffed egg salad.  The egg was moist without any cloying mayonnaise texture. The cookie was a soft and chewy oatmeal raisin.  This made for a substantial lunch, and a good value.

Well-filled sandwiches are one of the hallmarks of Finales.  Another one is delicious desserts.  The display cases hold cakes available by the (large) slice, as well as whole cakes.  You can also get a variety of baked goodies as well.  As a child my dad would often ask at the end of dinner if there were any “cookies, cakes, pies, buns, tarts.”  At Finales the answer is yes, and they are delicious.

Beyond soup and sandwiches, you can also find meat pies and quiche for lunch.  These, like the soup and sandwiches are in-store made.  Finales also offers breakfast choices.  I haven’t tried breakfast there yet, but with the emphasis on homemade I’m certain I’ll add it to my list of meals eaten there.

I’ve read several comments that say the service is slow.  I’ve been several times, and while I wouldn’t say the service was “jump to the pump” quick, I’ve never found it slow. I’ve also found the service to be very friendly.

Finales Coffee House is just down the street from St. Philip’s Anglican Church.  St. Philip’s is where you will find me hanging my clerical collar starting in February.  I think I’ll be spending a fair bit of time at Finales as my out of office, office.




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