Special at Garbonzo’s Goes Beyond Food

Over the past few months I’ve had a few chances to drop in on the Garbonzo’s pizza pub at the U of W Annex.  I like it because you can often find good deals  and while it can be quite busy at times, there are also times when it’s easy to get a chair and watch a football game on the big screens.

Along with this Garbonzo’s regularly has specials.  I’ve been there for half-price burgers, pasta and pizzas.  The pizza and burger specials are the best.  Both the portion sizes and quality of those two specials stand out from the others.  The pizzas have plenty of toppings and the the burgers are large and juicy.  You can get either, along with a refillable soft drink for between 10-12 dollars (ordering a small pizza).  It’s a little more if you want to add a beer but still quite reasonable.  This is not to suggest that these are bad deals at regular price, just that they’re a steal at the special price.

Treating the Customer as Special

Monday, I went in and decided that I would go with the daily special.  This was a Teriyaki Chicken stir fry, priced at $10.00 ($9,99 for the sticklers).

When it arrived, something seemed a little odd, and when I took my first bite I realized what it was.  The rice was overcooked.  I continued eating and when my server came over to ask about my meal I mentioned the rice.

Immediately she offered to have them make me another one, but I said that was all right.  I only send food back if I think it is unsafe or totally inedible.  I think being single has made me conscious of food waste, as it is something I regularly struggle with.  While the rice was overcooked (I think they put too much water in), the Teriyaki Chicken itself was quite good.  The vegetables were just beyond crisp and the chicken was tender.  As for the sauce there was neither too much nor was it too sweet.

While I was eating a supervisor came out and visited me, and on taking a look at my plate, noted that the rice was closer to risotto.  He then told me that they would make an adjustment to the bill, and I said thank you.  As I was leaving and preparing to get my bill, the general manager came over to my table, and informed me that my meal, including my beverage had been comped.

This is great customer service on Garbonzo’s part.  A kind of special that isn’t on the menu.  It is also in keeping with the kind of service I’ve received here in the past.  The servers are attentive, yet you aren’t rushed, if you are slowly enjoying a beverage while watching the end of a game.  On the whole, I’d rate the food as average to above average, but the service raises the experience from good to very good.

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