Strip Mall Yields Sushi Delights.

I’ve been reading An Economist Gets Lunchby Tyler Cowen.  I’m going to write a review of the book in a few days, but for now there’s one point I want to make in regards to this post.  Cowen suggests that if you want to find good value in ethnic restaurants, try restaurants located in strip malls. Particularly, suburban strip malls.

As thing turned out, I got to try this theory out a couple of days after I read this.  It should be noted that this is just one such experience.  However, based on this experience it’s a line of inquiry I’ll be pursuing in some of my future reviews.

Saturday, after the 5:00 pm service at St. Margaret’s I was invited by my friends Jess and Landon to join them and another friend Mark for dinner at Sushi Park.  Sushi Park is located in a strip mall on Grant Avenue just east of the Charleswood Golf Course.  For a strip mall location, the decor in Sushi Park is surprisingly pleasant. It has a bright, open feel feel, with curtains between several of the tables to create a more intimate feel.

Sushi Park Eel roll
The eel wasn’t particularly noticeable in the eel roll.

I’ve visited a few sushi restaurants by now, and so I like to add to the number of dishes and rolls that I order when I go.  On this visit I tried the River Eel Roll, the Spicy Tuna Maki, and the Dynamite Roll.  I’ve not had particular success with Dynamite Rolls when I’ve ordered them. However, as both Jess and Landon ordered them, I decided I would follow their lead.  It was a good decision.  The prawns were warm and plump, and the tempura was light and crispy.  The river eel was good but not remarkable.  I also enjoyed the Spicy Tuna Maki although it could use a little less hot sauce.

I also tried a couple of salmon rolls that my table mates had ordered.  They were both good, but I especially liked the Panko topped roll, as it had a good crunch that meshed well with the chewiness of the roll itself.

I’m ending with the first item we tried, which was the Miso Soup.  The broth here was rich in flavour, and the soup contained lots of bits of tofu, as well as more greens than in any of the Miso Soups I’ve tried.

Sushi Park Summary:

Our server was attentive and the dishes came out to our table at regular intervals.  All in all this was a very pleasant meal.  This is definitely a restaurant I will try and visit again.  Of course, while the food was really good, I’m not sure I’ll be able to top the company.  It was a great time hanging out with Jess, Landon, and Mark.  Great company always adds to the enjoyment of great food. Thanks again, Landon and Jess for inviting me.




    • Thanks for the comment Tammy. I plan on doing a full review in a day or two, but as far as the strip mall theory goes, it’s that suburban strip malls tend to have lower rents, and thereby attract immigrants of lesser financial means as restaurant owners, resulting in more authentic, cheaper food.


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