Christmas Lunch at Work

There are a lot of Christmas traditions that I’m not overly fond of.  Christmas music in the malls starting in October would be one good example.  Office parties produce a bit of a mixed reaction.  Often the meals are really great, but alcohol and co-workers don’t always make for a great combination.

That being said, I’ve had some real great food over the years.  When I worked at the grocery store many years ago, the owner of the store also owned Chamberlyn’s restaurant, guaranteeing a high level of food quality. Over time both the grocery store and Chamberlyn’s changed hands and eventually the work Christmas parties came to an end.

Yesterday was the Christmas lunch at my current employer, L.C. Taylor & Co. Ltd.  This one was bittersweet.  I’ve really enjoyed the Christmas lunches over the years, but this is to be my last.  As I’ve written over on bubsblurbs, the new year is bring me new adventures.  Adventures that will see me leaving my current employment.

One year it was Frenchway Café. Other times it’s been Rae and Jerry’s,  Each has had it’s own particular charm, but this, my last, was my favourite.

One of the things I like in general about the office Christmas lunch, is that it provides a break in the day, but doesn’t require a great deal of planning beyond that.  No wondering what to wear.  No finding, or in my case not finding, a date.  Just a few steps from my desk to the office conference room.

Then there was the food itself.  This year lunch came from Amici’s, our neighbours just down Broadway.  The main course, so to speak, was mini sandwiches, and they were, on the whole fantastic.  There was sliced beef with sweet red cabbage, grilled vegetables, and smoked salmon.  The only slight disappointment was with the smoked salmon, where the sauce was a little too much sauce, so it wasn’t as they say on MasterChef, the star of the dish.  Even better, the small rolls that enclosed the fillings, were crispy on the outside and good and chewy inside the crust.

Added to this was a vegetable tray that had a good variety of vegetables, and a fruit tray with a good variety of fresh fruit, and you have the makings of a fine lunch.

Of course every great Christmas lunch should have a great dessert to finish it off.  Yesterday’s dessert tray was superb.  There were five or six of which I tried three.  There was a lemon tart with sliced strawberries on top, mini macarons, of which I tried the orange, and the highlight, for me, a cream puff, with a cool, sweet filling and a chewy pastry that wasn’t soggy in any way.

On top of this there was the receiving of Christmas gifts (I received a set of liqueur tumblers).  Finally, and a key part of any successful Christmas lunch, there was a time to relax and enjoy each others company as we ate and unwrapped.  For a final Christmas lunch, this was a good way to go out.


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