Product Samplings

Over the last month or two, in addition to eating out, I’ve had the opportunity to do some product sampling of foods that are produced in a local setting and available for take home purchase..  Now, I do have to qualify that local business a bit.  One of three products I’m talking about is local, but to the Edmonton area.  However it does fall under the heading of local in that most if not all of the ingredients in it, are grown by the jam’s producer.

The Jam Lady’s Blazing Carrot Jam:

The Jam Lady’s products are created out of produce grown at the St. George’s Orchard, owned by the Borody family.  The Borody’s not only produce their own jam, but they are active in the Edmonton Farmer’s Market scene. I came across this product when my oldest brother Ian and my sister-in-law Glenda, came from Edmonton for a visit, and brought some of this jam with them.

I really like the consistency of this jam, it was almost jelly like in character, but also has quite a fair bit of carrot and pepper throughout.  The jam has great spreadability and really delivers on the heat.  However, the heat somewhat overwhelms the carrot taste.  Still, if you’re in the Edmonton area, this would be a worthwhile place to make a stop.  Also, you can order online, so if you’re in the mood to try something different, you might want to order something from the Jam Lady.

Aunthill Farms Beef and Barley Soup

Aunthill Farms operates out of Fraserwood, MB.   I first encountered Aunthill Farms when they showed up at the Osborne Village Farmer’s Market.  At that time I simply bought some of their fresh green beans.  However, they also sell individual meals, soups and a good variety of baked goods.

I was invited out for a light supper a couple of weeks back, and got to do a bit of product sampling of Aunthill’s menu.  In this case it was their Beef and Barley Soup.  This was one container split between two people, and made for a bowl, that while not appearing all that full, was quite filling.  The broth was quite rich and with a little kick to it. There was plenty of beef, although it was a little chewy for my liking.

Stella’s Marmalade:

As I said when I reviewed Stella’s, I like their jam, but it doesn’t drive me to the heights of delirium that it seems to drive some people to.  So, I was quite excited when I found that Stella’s had introduced marmalade.  However, it was not on the menu as an option, but I was fortunate enough to receive some to try.

One of the things I don’t particularly like about the jam is that although there are good chunks of fruit in it, the jam itself is often quite runny and I get my fingers messy.  Not to worry with the marmalade.  It is good and thick.  I particularly like the long thin strands of orange peel.  I still hope it makes it onto the menu one day, but if it doesn’t, it certainly is a good pickup to have with your toast at home.


That’s it for product sampling for the time being.  Maybe I’ll get some more new products to test out over Christmas. (hint, hint)


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