McDonald’s Poutine – When Bad Things Happen…

Yesterday, I noticed in my Facebook feed, courtesy of Matt Goulet, that McDonald’s was offering poutine for sale.  If you’ve read this blog often enough you’ll know that I am a big poutine fan.  My only regrets with poutine so far have been at Smashbox, and that I haven’t been able to try all the places serving poutine.

As you can imagine, I was more than a little suspicious at the announcement that poutine was at the Golden Arches. McDonald’s fries are about the only thing at McDonald’s I really like,  but I didn’t go with great expectations.  Unfortunately, the poutine didn’t even live up to my low expectations.

McDonald’s: I’m Not Lovin’ It

At $3.99 the price seemed reasonable enough. As you may be able to see from the picture below, the small box the poutine came in was little more than half full.  One thing with every previous order of poutine I’ve had, is they may be nutritionally balanced, but all could serve as a full meal.  This didn’t even make a satisfying side dish.

The fries were what you would expect, and being served quickly did not go soggy while I was eating them.  The obligatory, caution hot message, should however be changed to caution lukewarm.  The cheese curds were plentiful, but seemed to be air filled, and had no chew to them.  The gravy, a pale brown in appearance, was about as bland as you can get. It even lacked  the oversalted character I’ve always associated with McDonald’s fries.

McDonalds Poutine.
A supposedly full container of poutine from McDonalds.

I also tried, the After Eight™ pie.  This was actually much better than I had hoped for.  The filling had both the flavour and texture of an After Eight™ mint. While the chocolate crust was nothing to write home about (although sufficient to blog about),  the overall taste of the pie was quite good.  They pies were $.89 or 2/$1.39.

Thanks to adding the pie to the poutine my meal at McDonald’s went from an unhappy meal to a somewhat indifferent meal.  Anyways, when it comes to poutine, skip McDonald’s and wait for The Poutine King to hit the road again.



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