Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinners

Earlier this year I went to a meal building event at Supper Central out at Kenaston Common.  The event was sponsored by the Manitoba Chicken Producers. It was a fun and tasty evening.  So when they opened up the opportunity to the fans to attend another session, I jumped at the chance.  After all, you can’t have too many chicken dinners.

After church last Sunday, I headed down to the Supper Central site.  Oddly, it was one of the few occasions where bus travel on a Sunday was easier than on a weekday evening.

I had been through the process before. I figured I’d wait a bit while others prepared their meals.  This was great because it allowed me time to chat with some people.  I also tried the hors d’oeuvres prepared for our enjoyment.  These included a chicken corn chowder and  “Colonel’s Got Nothin’ On Us” Oven Fried Chicken.  

One of my claims about food is that the act of eating together is highly important.  Related to this is the preparation of food together.  Times with others in the kitchen are equally as formative as times spent around the table.

When it came time to prepare my meals I was sharing a station with Shel Zolkewich. She also writes a hunting column for the Winnipeg Free Press. She’s one of the first people I got to know through being involved in Social Media.  Working with Shel is always a lot of fun.  We also shared the station with Natalie Bell, who is the author of the PegCityLovely blog.  Up until Sunday, I had only interacted with Natalie through the MB FoodBloggers Facebook page, but sharing space at the work station made for a laughter filled afternoon.

The first meal we prepared was the Mexican Stuffed Chicken.  The picture below shows the chicken just before I put it in the oven.  The next picture is of the chicken plated. Served with Spanish rice, included in the meal from Supper Central.  I added creamed corn, my choice instead of sweet corn.

Home made Fried Chicken

The next item I made was the  “Colonel’s Got Nothin’ On Us” Oven Fried Chicken & Honey Carrots. This item cooks up real well.  I used a non-stick, rather than a regular greased pan, and I found that the crumb on the bottom didn’t cook up quite as well, my error. However, there is plenty of flavour in both dishes. In the Mexican Stuffed Chicken the sweet and heat of the cream cheese and jalapeno filling gives a great contrast in tastes. 

Keep Your Eyes Open for Chicken Deals

Karen Green Armstrong of the Manitoba Chicken Producers and Susie Erjavec Parker of Sparker Strategy Group put together a great event with the help of Supper Central.  Want to get in on the fun? Like the Manitoba Chicken Producers Facebook page. Then keep your eyes open for future events of various sorts.



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